Innocence Lost

Little girl
she had just lost her first tooth
I am glad she got to enjoy just a small fraction of her youth

Those happy moments now forgotten
Replaced with excruciating beatings that happen often

He would shout and demand control of her body
Picking up her own shattered heart became like a hobby

Every time this happened her mother simply disappeared
The mere thought of love she now feared

It never crossed her mind that her family was capable of such inhumanity
The kindness that once was has morphed into anger and brutality

Every cold night a new nightmare that would eventually become real
Each time he laid his revolting hands on her a scream and a waterfall of tears she would try so desperately to conceal

She could never tell anyone of this soul diminishing abuse
She was his toy to do what he liked for any use

He would lock her in that suffocating dark room
Over time she knew this would eventually become her tomb

He came in and used her at exactly ten at night
The pain she endured because she was to weak to fight

She had dreams that she would grow up get married and have a job
Instead she is lying on a blood stained floor just wishing he would stop

Her body gave up and so did her mind
She should have never trusted humankind

Like a demon he ate away her soul
Her angel like innocence he stole

There was nothing left of her
One day it finally ended when she closed her eyes and everything became a blur

Now she sleeps peacefully among the stars
Without pain and forgotten scars

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Russell Jacklin

Sat 3rd Sep 2022 11:51


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