My Love

As I sit here and pick my skin apart
Just know that you have my whole heart

I would love you forever if I could
But you were gone too soon now i am left looking at the place where you once stood

This sadness I feel so dark and disturbing
The echoes of your voice still lurking

I don’t know how i am supposed to grieve
When even the mere thought leaves me unable to breathe

Was I so naive to think you would hold me in your arms for eternity
Death never crossed my mind with you because you always took on life so fearlessly

I try not to dwell on the thought that I know there is a way to get to you
I dare not think it as of how quickly it could become true

I lose myself when my lips accidentally call out your name
It's a feeling so sharp like my heart is being put over an open flame

Oh my dear my love what more can I say
That I hope time passes quickly so we can meet again

I love you.

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