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A Ghastly Evening

All the ghosts have gone to bed,

We say goodbye to our honored dead,

To the horizon they are lead,

As we contemplate what they said.


The veil was deftly traveled,

Guided by voices, acting like scaffold,

Loved ones called to be dazzeled,

As the world of the living becomes unraveled.


Not just love ones cross that veil,

Evil comes without fail,

Sprinitng across...

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Joyous Haustblot

The harvest backons today,

The Equinox calls to us all,

Spirits of the wood and hearth

make preparations for the fall.


People gather in their homes,

ready to enjoy the spoils.

Festivities begin anew

as farmers rest from toil.


Wights and elves dance in fields,

Before the sound of Odin's horn,

The Wild Hunt draws nearer still,

Winter's grasp will soon be bo...

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