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Bullshit you miss me 
Why does it always have to be this way
I never told you it would be easy 
You hate me but I love the way you lie

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Self harm until you hit the bone
It's okay love isn't real
We are all faking it just to have some company
So does the moon shine as bright as I
How is acting like I don't exist going for you

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The only thing you wanted 
But you could have
You When to hell but you still failed 
Does it look good when you cry now 
Becuase it's not fair 
So I don't see firefly light
I'm shining too hard

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The moon had a girl 
The sun had a boy 
The love died and the diver 
Let the fire burn his body 

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Broken Heart 3

I don't want to waste your precious time
It's unfair that you think it's all about you
Did you ever ask how I feel
I know you never apologized
For all the times you slipped up

I could never truly believe you
Best that we went our separate ways
Because you're a fucking monster and I'm a demon
You living in lies and thinking it's fairy tales

I want the fancier things in life
You want t...

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