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Have I became a phantom
Fading from your mind
Or is my heart not tied in right
Check under your cabinets
I'm just a phantom

I feel so ignorant for loving you
When I knew you were just hurt me again
I know this is stupid of me
I was really hoping that you could just love me

Was is it that I can't be important to anyone
Do you get it yet?
I blame myself for everything
I beat myself u...

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I wish I was the person you love the most, I was just a bitterblossom that was growing under the concrete that you never checked to see if I was alive, if you mentally recorded my emotions on your heart, then maybe you would understand that I was lonely slowly falling into the deep void of depression, I spent so much time worrying about how you are feeling and how you were, you were my oxygen my w...

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She Was My Only









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The Outcasts

I'm writing a different story now
The waiting man found a different purpose
He doesn't need someone's hand to hold
He doesn't want to make the world a better place
He just wants to enjoy the company that he gets
The friends that actually matter to him that check up on him
The outcasts the outcasts
The Forsaken the Damned the bastardized
People that doesn't give to go to parties or drink mu...

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I believe love could save me
In the end it was pain 
That showed me how to life
Misery relieved me from hope
If I still believed in you 
I would of never left the lighthouse

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Blood on my hands 
Death in my back pocket
Some days feel so far away 
The night I told you I loved you 
I was numb from social anxiety

So where are you now 
So how far do I have to go 
How dose this end now 

She was the end of me 
Whispering me to sleep
Until she took my heart
Now I'll never sleep again 

How many days have passed me by
Since I could see straight
This is the en...

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How do I drown without emerging in myself in water?
I can't remember the last time
It's not about how full the glass
It's about what's in it

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What The Hell

Trapped in a silent
Only your memory remains
I'm on my knees grabbing at my chest
Worried to death about you 
I know that's dumb of me to do

My brain is fuzzy and I can't breathe
I'm in another anxiety attack at 3 AM
I'm thinking about you too hard
I've become sick of crying 
I'll just get angry at myself and blame me

What the hell would I be 
Without meting you 

La la la 
They ...

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Cherry Blossoms

Too late I guess your gone
I am the cherry blossoms
Growing in the back of your mind
I fell into a thousand shards of glass
As you stepped on me 
I started to make you bleed
I'm not helpless I can protect myself
You'll come back around next year
To admire the beauty in front of you
Just to bleed yourself dry from it

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How is this fair
I thought you said 
There was a happy ending
For people like us

If I never told you to go with your father
You'd be here in my arms
Two days from your 26th birthday
I'm giving into madness
I'm so lonely and depressed
Beating myself up for your death

How can I make it out today
When your ghost is absolutely killing me
I wish I couldn't just turn back time 
I'd tell...

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I can't do this anymore
I've been trying to be batter
But The day I kill myself 
Then maybe your understand me

I can't get this fake happiness 
How long have I've been down here?
How long until someone see me down here?

I can keep writing songs
About me being emotionally vacant
I don't have a pot to piss in
I been feeling like nothing is okay
I hurt myself today I was still numb


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I'm stuck here sitting here staring at the ceiling wishing I could just get lost into her voice. None of you idiots realize how lucky you are the hear her because she's a cosmic beauty and I am just lost, lonely I've been this way for 4 years now. I know it is my fault but dammit I made her a promise until I pass away I'd wait for her.The worst part about it is I worry about her and ask myself eve...

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Love has completely destroyed my health and I let it. I know I'll die from this. I wouldn't have it any other way, I never dated anyone after her it would of just ended with me leaving them because they wasn't her. Love is waiting for that ship to sail back into the lighthouse, knowing it may never comeback but you waited. Even when everyone told you to give up and move on. Your heart was unique e...

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