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Listen I'll never be a hero
A hero could never do the awful things I've done
See I've lose everything I loved
I'll never see the days when I'll be happy 
So I'll run from the darkness that's in the light

Just look at how far I've when 
I tried to kill myself 
I only failed because 
The bullet jammed the gun
So don't tell me I should move on
I put my passion in waiting for her 

I hav...

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This was slowly realizing
You are never going to be anyone's
Just another lonely shell
Singing the only song you know


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Space Cowboy (Twilight Melody)

entry picture

With vacuumed lips shut
She stood on the twilight 
Mirroring the stars

Long forgetting society rules
She was wild in her rain boots
Never raindrop a has touch this planet
She insisted that she needed them

For the chorus of angels wood 
Could be heard from her perch
There was heaven in her smile

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I've been trying to fix myself
It takes a moment for
My mind to realize that clairvoyance
Isn't something you get by waiting

My authenticity was challenged
I can't wipe this clean
I'll hold onto little thoughts
Like those days she felt comfortable in my hands

How could she put one foot out the door
When she was my everything 
I wish I could come out with the right idioms
She looks a...

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Theories of a Madman (Experiment 432)

As the horns blasted with vigor
We header the fright of death close at hand
With the cultist shivering with chills
Hopelessly blood curdle inside

We were the generation disturbed and lost
Without a voice to hold the standards
We were the generation 
That knew war better then anyone

The wise man never listened he wasn't wise
He was pollution holding us down
Only led by the greed that ...

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Space Cowboy (the goddess coat

entry picture

Trapped in a solid moment of time
Unable to exhale the new beginning
It feel like drowning but it wasn't
It was twilight crashes upon the sky
Beautifully destructive calming ways
She brought peace with her coat of wonder

She was awkward but perfectly made for the job
The devil can never have her tongue
For she was knowledgeably exquisite
The way she played with her syllables

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Space Cowboy (A Ghost Monument)

entry picture

So unhinged from the edges
Timeless in its own peaceful actions
It was beautiful but also 
Hopelessness in a moment

Objecting itself upon the stars
This was a plague but one of love
It was so squared into its own shadows
To fit into a mold that it was not

How was I supposed to fit into this 
When I was just the ghost monument
Writing the pages never humming the words
There would be ...

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Firefly Mounment

You were the monument
What love should always look like
For the kisses I used to have
Was Whispers of my love

So now that you're gone
I'll sleep a lot more than dream
Only about you because
That was the only time I was happy

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entry picture

I'm just a vacant void 
Sketched in the window
Longing to be loved 
But already forgotten

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Biohazard Relationship

How about I try and settle the score
Motivation decaying into ecstasy
What a hell of a drug to get lost on
Let's drop it all off

I've tallied up all the wrongs
You won't like the results
I finally found the worst words to tell you
This goggle for Joy doesn't look so oppressive now
Let's drop it all off

I can't remember your name after tonight
If I could just let you walk in my shoes

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No Halo

I've been sleeping way too much
My days are starting to blend together
My goddamn depression is winning 
Social distancing is killing me
The city looks like a goddamn ghost town

My social anxiety is back
I can't stay like this for much longer
I'm losing my mind sitting in this chair
All my horrible fucking thoughts
Is starting to catch up

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I have two syllables and they're all for you
You made me emotionally vacant
Take all my pictures down
You child-abusing drug horror
You're the reason I tried killing myself

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Broken Heart 1

I'm barely holding 
All my pieces from fell apart
The day you walked out the door
Excuse me for using other girls
That numbness you left me with this killing me

Can we vanish in this bed
Before my honesty starts pouring out
I'm an broken heart that will never fix itself
So take off your clothes
We both know where this ends

I'm not going to tell you I love you
I want you to be someon...

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Never (song lyrics)

Let's get to the bases
Most of the people 
I hang out with hates me
I don't need validation from them

No one really wants to hear
What you're really going through
Without their opinion
I'm not craving for your attention
So please just let me speak

It feels like I'm suffocating on my own words
God I got to get away from this town
Move to the rainy shores of Washington



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How Does It Feel?

So with roses burning in mustard gas
I inhale with purpose
To hold her hand in the panic

So close your eyes 
April is coming with rain and tears
Clinging to it falls on deaf ears
Suffocate on violently loving him

So can you feel anything?
So is it hollow inside without a sign of love? 
Can the sleeping Hollow posture inside your skin?
All these questions but no answers from you?


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Nothing Good Here

I was spitting up idioms
Explain how lonely I've been feeling
Everyone breaks promises
I'd rather die than give up on her

So can you tell me what heaven is
I don't believe in it anymore
If I put a bag around my head will you tired off?
I know this is the opposite of being attractive
Because it's self-pity suffocation

So can I burn all the evidence that let us
Counting sheep in haunte...

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Death Bed (Not a Love Poem!)

I admit it I'm Petty
Do you want me to write about it
I'd rather bite my finger and go cackling
I'm not going to write a love poem 
God knows I'll do that when I get drunk

If I was drunk I'd probably 
Say something like this
Can you stop speaking 
I get lost in your voice
Yes your blue hair looks lovely on you

God I hate you for being you 
I love everything about you 
It hurts so m...

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Stupid Boy

I know this is not what you wanted to hear
I'm here on the bridge thinking
What's my reasons of not jumping
I can't think of that many
If I jump today who would really miss me

Don't think back on me
The water was cold and refreshing
Hopefully I get lost and no one finds my body
You can't save me now
Thank you for all the love and support
You didn't fail I just couldn't live anymore


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Sad Trap Bass XD

I just want to fix this world 
But you want me dying
So where are you going 
Goddamn my soul for loving anyone

Don't tell god I gave my soul away
I just want to be happy 
So why can't I just love myself

Let's go be be someone else 
Ripping our faces off like Nicolas Cage
There's too many fingers in the pot
So pull the hammer back

Don't tell god I gave my soul away
I just want to ...

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Petty I am

Who are you to throw me under the bus
When I keep every dirty secret you had
I walked on eggshells around you
It was suffocating knowing you get piss easy

So why do you have to make me feel low
Every time he yells at you about me
If you want me to be an asshole I can
All I see is your lies now
You use everyone until they're not use to you

You cheat more than him anyway
Maybe I should...

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He Needs Her More Then She Knows

Happiness tasted like cigarettes with a
Six pack of Milwaukee's best on her lips
I always wanted that to be my future
I miss them days I laid beside you 

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I'm worse than what I'm showing 
I hope that doesn't get to you
Because this pain is starting to make me cry
Death would fix this pain and I need that
I can't take this anymore 

The tears are adding up 
So what should I do 
Everyone knows I'm too stubborn to give up on her
So what should I do 
I don't want to feel anymore

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A Disturbing Fear of Bitter Blasphemy Broken Upon All The Wounds 2

So what happened to the boy
Who wore the bag on his head
He didn't care about being in love
Human concept was flawed
Now he's dying to hold a hand

So now he's white lighters
Tip to his chest for a heart attack to come
So swear me off 
The best part of me was yours
Now it's plaster to the wall

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A Goddamn Vacancy 2

So this is hyperventilating 
On the thoughts of never fitting in
I'm in my upper twenties now 
I'm still thinking this way
God damn what's wrong with me?

I've been so busy trying to find a way to tell you
My unpopular opinions 
I've been thinking I'm better off dead
If I mention this they say don't do it
Well I'm bloody tired pretending a vacant smile

So this is hyperventilating 

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A Goddamn Vacancy

Fabulously I'm undertaking 
This goddamn depression of mine
I could go for a cigarette or two
Haven't smoked in a goddamn week
This is the worst I've been since that night in February

A walking disaster with no purpose to go on
All you bastards with happy minds
Can just go fuck off
I'm done with you bragging about how good life is
So take me in the back and put a bullet like Old Yeller


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Coffee Dreamer

I'm just a coffee dreamer away
I would give anything to just hold your hand and drink
See I've lost every woman that I've ever loved
I can't afford to lose you or I'll lose faith in love
This bleeding romantic might die

This is based off that song that you sent me
I'll finally get the time to write this
I'm just a coffee dreamer away
I'm not going to make it past September
I wish I coul...

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