Is It To Annoy?.....

Is it to annoy do you think?

Cos it’s enough to drive you to the brink

Of hopelessness and frustration

Tailbacks and queues

Car horns and fumes

Polluted air

 Mingled with

Feelings of despair

Another temporary traffic light

As landed on the streets of planet Earth


Can’t concentrate

How long does it take?

To travel a quarter of a mile

Two stinking hours

No sign of a smile

Because everyone’s pissed off

We’ve all had enough of man and his shovel

Digging up trouble

Another temporary traffic light

As landed on the streets of planet Earth


Grabbing his sign

He quickly turns it from green to red

Vexing me further

Messing with my head

Menacing eyes grinning sneering face

His one main aim is to kill my pace

Power in his vile hands

To stop the flow

To were ever I may want to go

Another temporary traffic light

As landed on the streets of planet Earth


Exhausted and weary

Worn out and knackered

Senses shattered

He’s turning it now from red to green

Hurry up you bastard let it be seen

Celein Dion on Radio one

“Near far were ever you are”

I Don,t bloody know

A diversion on show

Another temporary traffic light

Has landed on the streets of planet Earth


Acceleration at long  long last

Maybe it’s over and the blockage has passed

Screeching ahead monster truck growls

He's coming straight for me

For Christ's sake

Bang on the brake...   bang on the brake

Panic attack prepare to die

He’s gone to the left as l open one eye

Still living l breathe out a sigh

Of relief and deliverance

I can’t take anymore

Next time he wants fish and chips

He’ll have to go.




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<Deleted User> (7789)

Thu 23rd Sep 2010 12:56

I love it when traffic lights don't work at junctions, and then you can just edge out and then go on your way with no delay. I wonder if anyone's considered abolishing traffic lights (normal ones I mean. Those temporary ones will just have to remain, otherwise there'd be lots of reversing to be done by whoever backs down..!)

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Wed 22nd Sep 2010 12:38

'We've all had enough of man and his shovel' - a line I can identify with..
I love your poetry Chris - you have such a gift for comedy. Just such a shame the wider WOL can't hear you perform - I can hear it in my head. You'll have to have a bash at recording. Izz x

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Cate Greenlees

Wed 22nd Sep 2010 11:46

Hi Christine, I remember hearing you perform this at the Tudor, I really enjoyed it then and have had another laugh seeing it written down!John told us you had broken your leg... hope you`re feeling on the better side. At least there`s no going out for fish and chips for you for a while!!Cate xx

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