The powers that be

Must be a-head of me

'Cos it's just beyond a joke

When they called it a "stroke"

Glad to be alive

Even though I only work

Down one side

I'm not bitter

I'm not sad

But sometimes I get quite mad

Nurses come with water and a pill!

Where am I??

Will I die??

I'm a grown man and I'm starting to cry!!!!

"You've had a stroke, you'll be ok"

I hear them say.

I can't answer!I can't reply!

For heavens sake,I don't know why?

No clear thinking

No right eye blinking

'Cos my face is paralized

And it's dropped to one side

Wife comes along nattering away

"Don't give up" I hear her say.

It's been a long haul,

Hitting many a brick wall

But take it from me

"Don't give up 'cos you need to be free"

To be able to talk

To be able to walk

Live life to the full

It'll never be dull

Starting to learn all over again

To read a book

Understand a look

Of pity,of sympathy,of love.

The taste of triumph

As determination conquers disablement

Take a step

Collapse in a heep

Learn a word

That you've never heard?


Go hysterical

'Cos you've moved

Your big toe

Fight the fight

Win the war

Move forward


But most of all

Don't look back

◄ Invisible

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Elaine Booth

Tue 1st Mar 2011 20:13

Look forward to hearing this performed, Chris. I really appreciate how you have captured this experience. xx

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Val Cook

Mon 14th Feb 2011 10:47

Chris you captured the moments so well. The last six lines say it all.

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Sun 13th Feb 2011 16:52

I think this must be the poem that so moved my cousin, Chris. This stirs a lot of memories of my father also. You words evoke so much. x

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