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The Innocent Guilt

Racked with guilt,

I seek my way.

Through the brightest night

And darkest day.

Through unending hoards

Of but one face,

To a site that exists,

Yet is no place.


I call to a friend

I do not know,

He does not speak,

But says ‘hello’.

We do not speak,

Yet talk for hours.

On the sunniest day,

That’s raining showers.


At last he leaves,

But doe...

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Crashing Waves Of Despair

Like a storm lost at sea,
you invoke turmoil in me.
crashing waves of despair,
just knowing you’re there.
Little boats pulled apart,
like my head and my heart.
You’re the wind and the rain,
and the cause of my pain.   Thick fog circles my ship,
as my mind loses grip.
It envelopes me whole
and infects my soul.
Wet mist licks at my skin,
I try not to give in.
But the rain and the cold,
leave me battered and old...

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Enclosed Open Space

There’s a sadness in her eyes as she bears each day alone. There are streams of tears she cries for the dreams she’s never known.   She cries herself to sleep, each night she weeps in bed. For she can no longer bear to hear her own voice inside her head.   Within the annals of her mind, within those places all her own, she sits and waits behind the walls she made of stone.   Unabl...

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Nonsense Poem

A preponderance of words That echo in the ground, Are often never seen, But almost always found.   It seems they want so much, But only give out soap, Which congeals inside a bottle, Made of ever winding rope.   You get gravy in your shorts, When you see that great big brain, As it wobbles and pulsates, And nibbles on the grain.   Surely it’s the smell That’s emitted from your ha...

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