Enclosed Open Space

There’s a sadness in her eyes
as she bears each day alone.
There are streams of tears she cries
for the dreams she’s never known.
She cries herself to sleep,
each night she weeps in bed.
For she can no longer bear to hear
her own voice inside her head.
Within the annals of her mind,
within those places all her own,
she sits and waits behind
the walls she made of stone.
Unable to break free,
or unwilling, who’s to say.
She just sits there silently waiting,
for the walls to fall away.
But she knows her fear is strong,
and cannot easily be swayed.
So she sits alone and waits
for the time she’s not afraid.

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<Deleted User> (5646)

Sun 14th Dec 2008 11:11

Hi Chris, i think many women and men can relate to this poem.
It left me feeling quite melancholic.

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