Crashing Waves Of Despair

Like a storm lost at sea,
you invoke turmoil in me.
crashing waves of despair,
just knowing you’re there.
Little boats pulled apart,
like my head and my heart.
You’re the wind and the rain,
and the cause of my pain.
Thick fog circles my ship,
as my mind loses grip.
It envelopes me whole
and infects my soul.
Wet mist licks at my skin,
I try not to give in.
But the rain and the cold,
leave me battered and old.
A beacon flares through the white,
It’s almost beyond sight.
I turn my course to its call,
I daren’t falter or fall.
I hear your voice in the air,
crashing waves of despair.
Your grip tightens on me,
I’m still lost at sea.

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<Deleted User> (5646)

Sun 14th Dec 2008 11:16

Hi Chris,
I really like this poem. It shows strength and knowing there's a light at the end of the tunnel but still a fair distance to travel.
Lovely, Janet.

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