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It feels like a tropical desert 

With wind blowing and rain falling 

But nothing is growing

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Dear You

Dear you ,

In this moment you came to me 

You are probably thinking that you are not enough... that you are less than .

You are not smart because your grades are falling. 

You are broken because of your anxiety . You are emotional because you think too much . 

You are an addict because you self medicate . 

You are homeless because sometimes your house doesn’t feel like a home.


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She smiled and said hello 

Hello , her eyes said shinning , her voice peaceful 

Peaceful she was as she spoke 

She spoke of a better place 

A better place filled with harmony 

A harmony sans melody there 

She wanted to go there .She was ready to go 

To a place not on pictures we hung

She hung to dear life onto every word I spoke 

She spoke. I listened but did not he...

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Out of body

What if you were living your life and another's 
feeling the sun scorching down on your face in a summer that is winter
walking down busy streets with thoughts running through your mind that are not yours
feeling pleasure but crying oceans of tears. 
What if everything you've ever seen was a figment of your imagination 
everything you knew was just a hallucination 
What if we were just bare ...

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Black, a color I used to love on you 
Blue, is what you made feel around you 
Red, is for all the pain i felt 
Grey, is for "I wish we'd never met" 

Smooth were your words when you lied 
Heavy was my heart as it sank and died 
Soft was your voice when you were mad 
Rough are the times we never had 

Colorful springs opened new doors for us 
Hot summers led to feelings of lust
fall filled ...

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She turns the bad into the good 

always obfuscating the truth 

decorating lies  with flowers 

hoping someone would notice

she turns sadness into happiness 

wears white just to lighten the moment

but then covers her head with a hood

she turned the bad into the good 

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Today i will cry,

warm tears of despair and loss 

they will never fall

because once again

I was paused and muted 

my voice quiet but thoughts so loud

In the end, they exploded

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I am from anxiety and fear 

I am from panic attacks and beer 

Iam from sadness and depression 

I am from all different kinds of emotions 


I am from the voices in my head

The good, the bad , and the evil going head to head 

I am from “ I was excited, now I’m down”

I am from “I need to eat this now” 


I am from the lack of social skills 

I am from trauma from all ...

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Winter sang to me 

Stories of yellow lost lands 

In a minor key 


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 He sees  me with a blindfold 

Talks to my presence but denies my soul 

He talks to a person through me 

He chooses not to know me 

It’s easy not to know me 

Less for him more for me 

But I choose to know him 

And we continue just like that 

10:90 80:20 70:30 60:40 

Less for him more for me 

I see him with a blindfold 

And I throw away mine .

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