The She in Her

“It” was quiet 

“It” was still 

“It” was robbed every night

“It” stayed there 

“It” said nothing 

  In the morning

“She” was sunken 

“She” was emotionless 

“She” was defenseless 

“She” was quiet

“She” was still 

  The next night 

“She” became  “It”

For the “She” in her had left this world 


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Chloé Mballa

Sun 29th Sep 2019 07:41

Thank you guys!

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Don Matthews

Mon 1st Jul 2019 09:42

Excellent Chloe. I liked the she/it transference

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Martin Elder

Mon 1st Jul 2019 09:30

This is a very good realisation of the way some people treat others particularly women. I have known in my youth some men referring to a woman as it which quite frankly disgusted me then let alone now.
A great poem Chloe

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