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22 years old. I write what comes to mind when I feel like it. Nothing special.


Spinning Outwardly I'm lifted. But my brain burns like the embors at the end of this joint. I remember when my head would spin. Not cause the shit I was in. But because I twirled just to be dizzy, and collapsed on the grass. Feeling the earth shift beneath me From collapsing to relapsing. I feel it now, but It's more intense. Everything I couldn't fathom as a kid. Never would have dreamed I would have done what I did. But I do it all the time and can't stand me when I'm not. I guess I forgot that it was fun just to twirl. Sticking heads out the car windows, Get a grip on the world. I can't seem to recall what it's like to be lanky. To throw on a shirt with no bra to constrict me. To not be pawed for my ass, and passed like this blunt. When my knees were dirty. Not the sprite I was sipping. I'm not the little girl that I was. But I have always been spinning.

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