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I did not set out to write poetry. A few years ago some of my thoughts and reflections developed into verses, which I began to set down. For many years I taught, writing was an integral part of the role, although this was always in a very restrictive framework, now free of that, I can use words just as I wish, which is wonderful. I also occasionally write short stories, which are in many ways developments of ideas just a bit too large to fit into a poem. One of the pleasures of writing is to be able to share work, I have read at a number of events but most regularly at Poetry Plus, which I now run. We meet on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at the Red Lion Pub in South Street, Manningtree, we start at 7.30 and welcome people who would like to read their own work or that of a favourite poet. I find that there are many prompts for writing and enjoy taking part in online courses, Beth Kempton runs free Summer and Winter short courses, which I have found excellent for providing new starting points and also sharing work with other writers. I have recently published a short book of poetry entitled, Seasons of Poetry, it is currently available at Amazon (although I hope to get it into at least one independent bookshop) and can be found here:


I write about many different things, here are a few of my poems. The Woods in Midwinter December, the darkest of winter months Cold air bites, as the Midwinter Solstice approaches From the North, a wild Arctic wind, howls through the trees Their skeletal limbs now made bare, of any late, lingering leaves Shaking to the ground; twigs, acorns and fragile nests The night sky is clear, lighting a path through the woods Stars shine down, through a cathedral of bare branches Animals seek shelter in underground burrows, dens and sets Birds return to their nests, or roost, perching on high All life is quiet, settled, safe for the night, away from harm On the Solstice Eve, for magical potency Mistletoe, holly and ivy, are gathered by moonlight At Sunrise, the turning of the year is witnessed Marking the point at which we move towards the light Promising longer days for growth and renewal Softly Breaks the Morning Sunlight Motes of dust Float slowly through warmed air As the early morning sunlight Softly breaks through Faded, threadbare curtains To wake the tired bedroom Three Wise Men They came from the East The three men in the lane Where they sat in the cold In the wind, and the rain Each had a story Held deep in his heart Of loss, pain or heart-break Of lives torn apart The first didn’t notice His true love grow cold Didn’t hear what was said, Or, just wouldn’t be told ‘Its over!’ she called out ‘I’ve found someone new’ He left, as the sun rose Hope fading from view The second looked away At the share price’s fall Didn’t see, didn’t sell So, he went to the wall to the wall He lost job, wife and home When the stock market crashed And was left on his own With his precious dreams dashed The third didn’t speak out When the battle went wrong And while others lay dying He stayed silent and strong Away from his comrades His life empty and grim With just a bottle for comfort From the battle within Fate has dealt a cruel hand To the three with dull eyes Each with a story To share and grow wise And still they sit on ‘Neath a dark Anglian sky As they wait for a hand-out From those who pass by Summer Snow - A Haiku Scattered on the grass A summer snow of daisies Bright as the new day Autumn in the Park A colourful cavalcade of leaves float gently down Taken by the wind in kaleidoscopic motion Before being settled in drifts on the pavement edges Where patterns are formed in shades of brown Amber, orange, yellow and red A lone child is drawn to the bright colours Small hands burrow into a nest of crisp, light shapes Uncertainly the leaves are lifted and offered up to the heavens Released, they again tumble down Showering the girl’s upturned face With fragile fragments of colour and delight The Hunter's Moon A new moon appeared tonight Hanging suspended from a fragment of cloud As crisp and shining As if cut from a sheet of polished silver Chinese Lanterns - A Tanka Shapely orange orbs Suspended on angled stems Elegant, glowing Jewels of the orient Light up the garden

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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Cassandra Louise

Sun 19th Feb 2023 23:07

I am incredibly late in posting this since I just figured out how things work on here, BUT, thank you so much for your comment on ‘One year, daddy’ 😇

I appreciate your understanding and acknowledgement with grief. It’s truly still a battle each and every day.

May you continue finding comfort in writing 💗

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Tommy Carroll

Wed 24th Aug 2022 11:04

Thank you Brenda for your comment on "I saw you standing there" 🙂

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Sun 26th Jun 2022 17:09

thank you for your comment!!! means alot! x

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Tommy Carroll

Thu 24th Mar 2022 22:20

cheers Brenda your like that contains "context"😌

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Tommy Carroll

Sun 24th Oct 2021 14:48

Thanks for the comment on
'This wanting look' Brenda, your point had me ?


Tue 29th Jun 2021 03:03

thanks for your comment on "old dead tree"

(i like your photo ID. very nice.
is that your driver's license?

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