The Hawthorne Tree at Night

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The night time air grows still, chilled

The sun now well below the horizon

Children lie snugly in tidy beds and cots

Quiet, slumbering from a day of work and play


Grown-ups nod in the firelight’s glow

A ginger cat toasts his whiskers

Draped across the hearth

Like a discarded feather boa


Outside the black tom cat

Spits at a lone rust-coated fox

Who prowls its way around the chicken coop

To escape, squeezing through a gap in the hedge


Lit by the moon, a shapely Hawthorne tree

Stiffened by the cool air, stretches

Bending a branch, it begins to scratch

At an awkward spot, where it's blossom tickles


Slowly the tree opens an eye, a second follows

Both of deep brown, edged with eyelashes of dark thorns

The outer bark grows warm

Shades of rose, show up his life blood


The Hawthorne has great age, which has brought power

At night he becomes filled with life

Then begins to correct the ills, that man has wrought

In another day of abusing the earth


His work is unending

His task impossible,

Unknown and unappreciated

But he will never stop

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<Deleted User> (32907)

Wed 4th May 2022 19:57

I agree with Stephen's comment, Brenda. I love how the Hawthorn comes to life, and has a task to do. Great.💕👍

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Brenda Wells

Wed 4th May 2022 17:57

Thank you for these comments Stephen, it's really interesting to hear how a poem is perceived by others, really helpful.

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Stephen Gospage

Sun 1st May 2022 17:10

This is a marvellous poem, Brenda. I love the way it links the details of the slumbering household to the animals and then to nature's struggle for life, as exemplified by the Hawthorne tree. In spite of the unequal nature of the task in hand, this is still a poem of hope.

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