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Anthony Kasazkaja

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Anthony R M Andrews (11 September 1986,Settle, North Yorkshire, England), better known by his stage name Anthony Kasazkaja, is a Writer, Poet, Actor, Spoken Word Artist and Songwriter who debuted in August 2014 at Blackpool Rebellion Festival (saturday 09th August at 18:30pm) alongside some of the greatest contemporary poets of the modern age, prior to this he had claimed the second prize in the national category of the 2012 Pendle War Poetry competition with its prize presentation evening being held at the ACE centre in Nelson immediately following the debut performance of Bullets and Daffodils – The Wilfred Owen Story. Influenced by the likes of Allen Ginsberg, Leonard Cohen, Wilfred Owen and John Cooper Clarke (among others) his poems touch on a range of subject from personal life experiences through to political and sometimes if he is in the right frame of mind down right comical. Throughout his life Anthony has performed in countless theatre productions, talent contests and musicals, he has assisted in the organising and running of small festivals in his home town and regularly takes part in fundraising and charity events, as well as his poetry he also works as a support worker providing support for people with learning disabilities in their own homes. Never being shy of hard work, Anthony has always had various projects on the go and is constantly building on his available material, currently looking to showcase his poetry and stories anywhere in the UK to book him for your event please contact him either here or by email


Mockingbird She crawls, blood red nails scratching at bedroom walls, she tries to scream but no noise is heard from the vocal chords of this trapped mockingbird. Since the day she was born she's been fed nothing but lies, men have always looked at her with desire in their eyes, hungry for a piece of whatever it is that she's got and for a little bit of money she'll let them take the lot. It doesn't matter to her who the punter could be, she'll just close her eyes and count from one through to three, she needs an escape from this dark reality, the smack that she pumps into her veins is now her vitality. Throughout the night she wanders on her own, in this crazy underground world she is all alone, it's dark in her daytime but so much darker at night, she cannot escape, she's given up on the fight. She feels so numb there are no tears left to cry, every day she wakes up wishing that she could die, she's always been considered a lost cause since the day she was born, she will never be a rose, always considered a thorn. She crawls, blood red nails scratching at bedroom walls, she tries to scream but no noise is heard, from the vocal chords of this trapped mockingbird. Anthony Kasazkaja 2014 _______________________________________________ Little Jimmy Little Jimmy wasn't at school today instead he remained at home, all his friends have gone away and he's left all on his own, why did the world turn it's back on him, what did he do so wrong, he closes his eyes and dreams a while of a place where he can belong. People say home is where the heart is but not in Jimmy's case, another punch or kick waits for him that he wishes he could just erase, his mother doesn't really care, his dad is not around, his stepfather is mean to him and knocks him to the ground. He listens to his records when he's feeling sad, the final gift that was given to him, a present from his dad, you see, his dad was a soldier, fighting for this land, when others sat and turned their heads Jimmy's dad made a stand. Through all the pain and suffering, Jimmy always stands strong, for a boy that has nothing now his word is his bond, now, whenever you feel like you've fallen and hit each rock on your way down, think of Jimmy's suffering and how he never made a sound. Not all soldiers fight in wars my friends, some just fight to survive, Jimmy was a soldier boy and the war-zone was his life. Anthony Kasazkaja 2013

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Graham Sherwood

Wed 27th Aug 2014 22:00

Hello Anthony

Welcome to Write Out Loud, we hope you are enjoying the site and we're really looking forward to reading some of your work. I know that you will be warmly welcomed by other WOL-ers too.

Its good to see that you've already uploaded a picture of yourself, it’s really good to see what our fellow poets look like.

Have a good look around, there’s always lots going on and if you have the time to make some comments about the work of other poets please feel free to do so, it’s often the best way to get some constructive feedback about your own work too.
There’s usually somebody who’ll help you out with any problems that you might encounter, so just ask and someone will get back to you.
WOL is a friendly, creative and unassuming place, so welcome from all of us once again.

The Write Out Loud Team.

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