Growing Old Disgracefully

When I grow old I don’t want to be the typical idea of elderly,
I want to grow old disgracefully and drive all my carers crazy,
I’ll swing from the chandeliers, I’ll overfill the bath,
Then blame it on my dementia whilst I stand there and laugh.
I want to climb the rafters and play hide and seek,
I never want my bones to grow old, frail and weak,
I want to make the children laugh and think of me as funny,
Not sit there in the parlour whilst I eat bread and honey.
I want to escape the nursing home where my family send me to stay,
I want to live a second childhood where I can always laugh and play
I don’t want to spend a second thinking that i’m closer to the end,
I want everyone to come and see me and treat me as a friend.
I plan to grow old disgracefully, I wonder what’s in store,
I’ll spend my days exploring, there’s a surprise behind every door,
I plan to grow old disgracefully until heaven calls for me,
When you see that geriatric old man, then my friend you’ll see me.
Anthony Kasazkaja 2014

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keith jeffries

Wed 3rd May 2017 22:16

Anthony, this is so very good and funny. Well written. Thanks Keith

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