Little Jimmy

Little Jimmy wasn't at school today, instead he remained at home,
All his friends have gone away and he's left all on his own,
Why did the world turn its back on him, what did he do so wrong,
He closes his eyes and dreams a while of a place he can belong.
Now people say that home is where the heart is, but not in Jimmy's case,
Another punch or kick waits for him, that he wishes he could just erase.
His mother doesn't really care, his daddy's not around,
His stepfather is mean to him and knocks him to the ground.
He listens to the records, when he's feeling sad,
The final gift that was given to him, a present from his dad,
You see, his daddy was a soldier, fighting for this land,
When others sat and turned their heads, Jimmy's dad made a stand.
Through all the pain and suffering, Jimmy always stands strong,
For a boy that has nothing now, his promise is his bond.
Now, whenever you feel like you've fallen, and hit each rock on your way down,
Think of Jimmy's suffering and how he never made a sound.
Not all soldiers fight in wars my friends some just fight to survive,
Jimmy was a soldier boy and the war-zone was his life.

Anthony Kasazkaja 2014


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