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One many emotions

A queue - for all kinds of reasons.

A child's enthusiasm to share a tale...............every last word.

Putting detail on an ornate carving.

The last coat of paint drying.

Grandfather trying to master computers.

The postman bringing exam results.

The corridor pace of the doctor with news.

The warm days of summer to return.

A broken heart to mend.


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I want this
More than you perhaps know
The promise of peace
The seduction of your grace

Am I caught like an insect
Unable or unwilling to escape?
Your embrace closes around me
Like the venus fly trap
And I am on the verge of surrender.

The reality of past hurt rings
Like alarm bells in my deafened ears
But silence grows
And I am drawn
Like a moth to a flame.

All consuming, all forgiving
The taste of your l...

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A Day in the Life (2)

I lie here in peaceful tranquility
This wooden house my home
The sound of the sea lapping the shore
This beachfront isolation
Devoid of the entrapments called communication

Bats chatter away
Hanging on eachother's word
Outside my mesh window.
Whilst inside, thumbsized Geckos
Scurry across the walls
on their commute to elsewhere

The sea becomes my personal pool
Crystal clear saltiness
Cleansing my skin

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A Day in the Life.....

I lie in Corporate cleanliness
Another night, another town
Sanitised box bed, in sanitised box room
Bereft of comforts for weary hearts
Missing the homeliness of familiar faces,
The tenderness of soft skin,
The welcome kiss after the hard day is done

Traffic noise permeates the window vents
Dulling the hum of the air-con high up
No children's laughter
No bedtime stories to r...

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Carry me home.

"Carry me home.
Hold me in your arms
And make me feel safe"
These are the words she spoke to me
As she lay there in the grass
With the sun on her face
And a smile that shone as brightly.

"Carry me home.
I feel so special
When you hold me close"
This love I have for her
Would make me do anything
To protect her and keep her from harm.
I would give my life to save hers.

"Carry me home........



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It began as emotion,

More than you should bare.

It surfaced as tears.

Pure, fresh, and full of feeling.

It showed me your true self.



How can someone SO beautiful

Have so much pain inside?

It urges me to fold my arms

Around your graceful body,

Hold you close, and whisper

That all will soon be fine.


They say “experience the hurt,

To appreciate the pl...

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The Beggar Man

He wanders so, here and there

Walking circles in the air

No direction in this path

He simply views the aftermath

And looks back over many years

Which gave him all those countless fears

And brought him now to when he stands

To see the void which he commands


The sorry shell which he’s become

Contains an endless vacuum

Drawing out his heart and soul

To leave him with a pointless goal


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Sense me.
I am without, I am within.

Know me.
I am the pleasure, I am the sin.

Touch me.
I am the sadness, I am the Joy

Hold me.
I am the man, and I am the boy.

Feel me.
I am the torch, I am the flame.

Trust me.
I am the truth, I am the blame.

See me.
I am the many, I am the one.

Become me.
I am everything, I am none.


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The pain of separation

Because of you

Eternal bliss seemed possible.

Thoughts of you

Helped me get through each day.


How can we be apart?

And yet, I wake each morning alone

Imagining you’re with me.

Nobody should feel this way.

Except I do.

Should it be like this?


© 2009

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Bathed in misty fire glow,
It slowly slips out of character
Before the end of the days performance


Cloaks of grey cloud hang
Like attendants in the wind
Waiting to gently spread their arms,
And signal that the evening
Is on it's way.


Bur first, the reddened artist
Peeks from between the dusty layers
And makes a final curtain call,
Warming to the smiles of the audience
Bathed in it's glory.


Then ...

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A Memory

Out of sadness came a smile
You then asked me to stay a while
We talked, and laughed, and talked again
Our fingers touched, our hands, and then
It seemed as if we couldn't wait
There was no time to hesitate
For if we let the moment pass
It may well die, like Autumn grass
And fade away to nothingness

A less 

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