I want this
More than you perhaps know
The promise of peace
The seduction of your grace

Am I caught like an insect
Unable or unwilling to escape?
Your embrace closes around me
Like the venus fly trap
And I am on the verge of surrender.

The reality of past hurt rings
Like alarm bells in my deafened ears
But silence grows
And I am drawn
Like a moth to a flame.

All consuming, all forgiving
The taste of your lips
The touch of your skin
How can I resist this intoxication?

I breathe in your smile, your essence,
Like an appreciation for the finest wine.
A good body, full of flavour,
Matured to perfection.
Saving the moment
Until I can devote my fullest attention
to the very last drop

I drown in your gaze
And so I never want to stop drowning

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Steve Regan

Mon 23rd Nov 2009 10:02

Andy, there is an authenticity of emotion and sensual appreciation in this that commands attention and empathy.

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