It began as emotion,

More than you should bare.

It surfaced as tears.

Pure, fresh, and full of feeling.

It showed me your true self.



How can someone SO beautiful

Have so much pain inside?

It urges me to fold my arms

Around your graceful body,

Hold you close, and whisper

That all will soon be fine.


They say “experience the hurt,

To appreciate the pleasure”.

But why to such a fragile being

Trying so hard to prove themselves.


Smile…….behold the future.

It’s yours for the taking.

Make of it what you wish,

And wishes come true.


© 1991


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Andy Williamson

Sun 8th Mar 2009 22:21

Hi Janet,
There ARE people who care. People who care without wanting anything in return. I'm sorry to learn you've been through a bad experience, and if it had been possible I would've certainly given you a good old fashioned supportive hug - no strings.

You're right, we all need that sometimes, and that was exactly how I felt when I wrote. The girl that inspired this many years ago was just a work friend, but she simply broke down in tears explaining a difficult situation. What she really needed at that time was a hug, pure and simple. She got one.

Thanks, and I hope you feel better soon.
Andy x

<Deleted User> (5646)

Sun 8th Mar 2009 11:02

Hi Andy,
I read this yesterday and i thought then, what a lovely poem. One which many people can relate to emotionally.
Today i read it again and it touched me deeply because of an experience i had last night, which left me feeling vulnerable. I could have done with a good old fashioned supportive hug.
So today your poem has a special feel to it for me because it shows there are people out there who care. Thankyou.


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Sat 7th Mar 2009 14:48

Very touching poem... I love the lines
'It showed me your true self. Innocent…….vulnerable……caring. And... 'experience the hurt, to appreciate the pleasure' ...this is so true...

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