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Life in a small cul-de-sac

Life in a Small cul-de-sac (Not poetry per se, but a bit of fun I hope)


Life continues to be exciting in our small cul-de-sac. This evening saw the incident of the "blue-bin falling over". This brought everyone out to check and whilst the bin remained like an upside-down turtle, we pondered (whilst standing in the 50 mph winds) what could have caused such a disaster? It was finally decided...

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Unusual places

1.      Unusual places


I think of things

In the most unusual places

I thought of this

Whilst I was tying my laces


Others I’ve penned

A few, disturbingly, whilst sitting on the loo

They seemed to turn out alright

I just hope you thought so too


One sprang to mind

While I was brushing my hair

That proved a knotty one to finish

But I eventually got th...

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Shopping and When I've Gone

1.      Shopping


Was doing some window shopping

As you do

On a quiet Sunday

Before you get your monthly pay


And then there she was

Completely stark bollock-naked!

Well, you know what I mean

For it was a She that I seen


She had a great figure

A lovely, healthy skin-tone

Although, not much hair

But, if I had to guess, it would be fair



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1.      Inspiration

With my pen

Tapping a rhythm on my teeth

Sounds better than it feels.

Clicking the nib of my pen

In and out, In and out

Slightly annoying

But, oddly, very satisfying


Those damn Beavers

They have blocked the flow

Words and rhymes have all dried up.

Staring, unseeing, out the window

Spinning around on my swivel-chair

Which, whilst child...

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I Wish

Sorry if I appear like the BBC, stupid repeats and all of that, but just having fun.  Hey poetry people, it IS allowed.  Sorry.

1.      I wish

Lots of words seem to end in ‘ish’

I think some are made-up, like easy-ish

But wait a minute, let’s not get too childish

And appear for one moment that I am being churlish


Some of them confuse me, like pigfish

Which is it?  A pig o...

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Poetic licence

1.      Poetic licence


Some poems are fun

Make me laugh and snigger

Some poems are sad

These are no laughing matter

Some poems are long

Some just right, others far, far too long

Some poems are short

Now they’re a relief

Some poems are tragic

Old Will the Bard was good at those I think

Some poems make no sense

I’m pretty good at those myself

Some poems ar...

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“Mum, what’s a laboratory?”


“Well son, it’s a place where

Men in white coats

With hair all over the place

Make exciting things

That fizz and bang and sometimes smell rotten”


“Dad, how can the moon be all those different shapes?”


“Because it’s clever and it can.”


“Mum, what’s a Policeman?”


“Well son, he’s very smart and helpful


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The things we say

1.The things we say


I suspect we are all guilty

Of saying things that just don’t make sense.

There are, of course, those oxymoronic little sayings

We all trot out every now and again.

I am guilty as charged, it’s an open secret

Old news if you will and, I would bet,

Even odds you have done it too.


So, whilst I silently scream and think “good grief”,

I do still ...

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FunI love my words

Daft again

1.Sounding my horn


I was zooming up the road

The other day

Saw you on the pavement

Walking towards me.

Put the window down

Gave a few loud hoots

Of my extremely loud horn

Stuck my arm out of the window hole, and waved.


Ah!  Oh dear!

Sorry if I startled you.

Made you jump.

Gave you a heart-attack.

Wrong person.

A genuine case of mistaken identity.


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1.The Prowler


He’s creeping, quietly, stealthily

Hugging close to the treeline

Remaining concealed in the shadows


Ears attuned to every sound

A small rustling sounds in the undergrowth

Brings him to a sudden halt


He’s standing still now – rigid – sniffing the air

Weighing the immediate threat.

Silence restored, inches forward again


Assessing the wa...

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Light hearted

1.Popping next door


I was in the kitchen one day

And Dad asked me to pop next door

And ask if they had any spare sugar


Not a big task I hear you say

Sounds pretty easy

Just to pop next door and ask


But the next door to us, that we don’t own

Is roughly five miles away

And that’s if I cut across the fields


I was tempted, to put it to Dad

That it w...

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A bit of fun

1.Wind in my hair


I sit proudly upon my very finest steed

Feel the power vibrating under my feet


Picking up speed now

Enjoying the rhythm and undulations


Love the Wind, blowing through my hair

Living dangerously, no hats for me.


I’m grinning manically, hear music in my head

Relaxing, just letting myself go


It was all going so swimmingly well


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Feb musings continued...

1.A birds-eye view of life


High up in my nest

King of all that I survey

Bedded down up on the crest

Watching carefully for my prey


Breathing slowly, breathing deep

Find that inner peace

Ready to inflict the eternal sleep

The provider of the final release


Lying and waiting for the go-ahead

Anticipation of the Green-light

The difference between alive o...

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