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I Wish

Sorry if I appear like the BBC, stupid repeats and all of that, but just having fun.  Hey poetry people, it IS allowed.  Sorry.

1.      I wish

Lots of words seem to end in ‘ish’

I think some are made-up, like easy-ish

But wait a minute, let’s not get too childish

And appear for one moment that I am being churlish


Some of them confuse me, like pigfish

Which is it?  A pig or a fish?

But I do know that revenge is best served as a cold dish

And that Chihuahua’s may look like rats, but are actually quite doggish


If I had a choice of a word that I could abolish

Then my vote would have to be in favour of the useless, slimy Jellyfish

And if I had to choose a favourite-ish

I think I’d have to jump up and down with glee and plump for Tickle-ish


I’ll shut up soon, I don’t want this to be too largish or longish

Any more and I won’t be able to get anyone to agree to publish

I think I’m already in danger of going over-the-top-ish

And It’s clear to see that some words just shouldn’t be anywhere hereabouts-ish


Finally, as seen above, people take liberties with made up words ending in ‘ish’

And I do find myself usually getting mildly peevish

When I stumble across one of those sly imposters, like liquorice

Which, though very nice in its own way, doesn’t end in ‘ish’


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