Shopping and When I've Gone

1.      Shopping


Was doing some window shopping

As you do

On a quiet Sunday

Before you get your monthly pay


And then there she was

Completely stark bollock-naked!

Well, you know what I mean

For it was a She that I seen


She had a great figure

A lovely, healthy skin-tone

Although, not much hair

But, if I had to guess, it would be fair


Should I look and stare?

Or modestly avert my eyes?

Would looking be a major sin?

After all, she’s just a mannequin


2.      When I’ve gone


When I’ve gone

When I’ve left you all

When my bones are being reduced

To dust, best held in an urn


Skip through my back catalogue

Find the verse I cobbled together

That has become your favourite

And read it, loud and proud


It’s all I’d want really

I can think of nothing better

Than my most precious friends and family

Being forced to read my awful poetry


So, on my great day

My last hurrah and goodbye

I’ll only regret being a crap Dad

And, possibly, writing words that just don’t rhyme


On that day, stand tall and firm

Do me proud

Shout out my words

My lines, my verses and terrible puns


Remember me affectionately,

As the organ plays its sorrowful tune

But most of all, on that day, don’t ever forget

To read out the half-time scores


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<Deleted User> (13762)

Thu 27th Apr 2017 08:12

Nothing like being able to laugh at oneself Andy and I can't help but think that your humour connects these two poems. Col.

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