Little things do really matter
It's never the big ones
It's those tiny moments that make all the difference
I'm staring at the sky now and it's beautiful
Like a child splashing paint
The designs I can't understand
But I can dazzle at what the stars have drawn
In all their glitter and wonder
The moon giving way, lying low
Letting them shine with wonder
With all this beauty around me
It would be nice if I had someone
Someone to admire it with
Don't get me wrong I am responsible for my happiness
But in these little moments I feel the pang of loneliness
I just wish I could ...
I could describe my version of the nights wonder
And she could tell me hers
And feel warmth from another in the sweet chill of the air
But for what it's worth
Born or unborn I know she's watching the sky as I am.


◄ A request for my heart


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