i think you’re the one

i’d see in another life

past universes and constellations

our love escapes boundaries of time and life and space and earth and mortal rules

from oceans to raindrops,

huge rays of sun to tiny sprinkles in shadows

your face in the glassy waters and clear windows

your name whispered in every sweep of the wind

dance with me, my love

ontop of the stars and clouds and endless blue

as chaos swirls below us

my eyes on you, the only one that matters

i think if i could, i’d dance with you for eternity

waltzing through life after life,

past grassy greens and dark midnights and galaxies of purple tornadoes

maybe the trees would say hi to us,

swaying their leaves along to our beat

and everytime we’d say i love you,

stars would sparkle as bright as your eyes

thunders loud as the mighty lion that lives in our hearts

roaring everytime our eyes catch and hands lock

because it knows

this is a love that escapes all boundaries.


◄ the wave


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