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The rusty door knob and the dilapidated door,
falling apart at its hinges.
Brown colour of furniture, unpolished
Left to rot in the corner of the room.
The showcase gathering grey dust 
like ominous clouds about to burst.
The grand old auburn piano 
playing tunes of doom and gloom.

The sea shell shade of dirt white walls 
peeling off like skin does below freezing point.
The spider we...

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Significance of the Nineteenth Autumn

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As the nineteenth autumn has come upon me,
It’s a whole new world I see.
Treacherous creatures, so often, hush and hide,
And it seemeth to me, a change in tide.

The poetry of soothing sensation has gone,
The glimmering golden glow of the sun is now none.
Some say,’ The Head is battling with the Heart’.
Well ! All Logic has been torn apart.

As I gaze into the vast emptiness
The dawning...

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