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A poem to my bff

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A poem to my bff

I am from milk...................................................................       to nourish my bones........... ....................................

to enjoy with coffee and pastries 

I am from D vitamins

to build strong backpack bones 

From Jansport and polyester 

I am from the valley

Freshingly cool, of slopes, soily rich

I am from cherry trees

in full bloom, the beginning

of something new.

I am from lemon trees

providing juicy, citrusy, 

sour taste bud sensations.

These descriptors

are all you....

the lifetstyle of you!

We are from coffee shops

Many breakfasts & brunches

college courses

Lunch hangouts 

Library sessions

Dinner outings

In hopes for many yet to come!

Maybe one day,

in cherry blossom season

can be a DC visit 

for you and I!

I am a friend to you

and you to me!

Thank you!


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Sofia Urquiza

Tue 7th Apr 2020 09:20

Hi there AM Cash!
Thanks for stopping by, commenting, and giving a like to "A Poem to my BFF". I'd like to change the title, hopefully I'll get any ideas/feedback to a new title ?

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Sofia Urquiza

Tue 7th Apr 2020 09:15

Hello there Vautaw!
I'm glad that you liked my poem and that I reminded you of taking vitamin D lol due to "lack of sunshine". Here in Cali we've had some sun with few clouds and rain, so yea lack of sunshine too!

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Sun 5th Apr 2020 16:19

Thanks for the reminder to take my vitamin D, I don't want the lack of sunshine killing me! So many things we took for granted. Hopefully, this time will make us more appreciative of the little things that makes life lovely. ?

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AM Cash

Sun 5th Apr 2020 12:51

I like the references to coffe shops and times out. Simple things, innocent, which today we cannot do, due to the virus that ravages our world.

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Sofia Urquiza

Sat 28th Mar 2020 15:44

Please any critique and/ change of wording to my poems ..feel free!

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