Present Poverty

"Please do you have any change spare?"

Only occasionally people give.

Vacant stares usually oppress

Everyday, it is a struggle to live.    

Rumbling stomachs scream and stress 

Time is captive, trapped in such a mess

"You must see, do you even care?"


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Is The Fault In Us?


Stars may not be faulted, do not be insulted
The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,
But in ourselves, that we are underlings
Individuals are fully accountable for their own shortcomings 
Incidents of crying, we are all dying

Merely molecules and ashes
How many badges on one of these sashes?
Mercury may bring good luck...

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Bit of a cough

I have got a bit of a cough I say

That is why my voice is breaking

Like shattered glass

And that my tears might trickle I say

I must have forgot to mention

How it is not only my oesophagus that blisters and pinches

Followed by crackles and sizzles

And that a tsunami is likely

Yet no diagnosis

And maybe I am not ill at all

I must have neglected to mention that


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#mentalillness #invisibility #lies #unnoticed #aba

Always remember the beach

How about the beach? Sandy feet, fresh breeze.                                                            Seize the sunlight, beam just as bright 

How about flying a kite? Light, the campfire, just right.                                             Tent settled, just behind that tree you see? 

How perfect could this be? Gazing beside one another; amongst grass and stars  We huggled as if it ...

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Lovehopefuturepastlasting lovecoupleinfactuationaffectionfear of rejection


Plasma screen; well kept, clean 
Silenced screams
And faces pleased 

Artificial combustion
Will as strong as a Russian 
Why how is it fantastic?

To become cynical and sarcastic 
Grow older and bolder
Fly without wings 

Flee the magnifying mirror
Unfold the killer 
Be who you are 

The fault in our stars
It is merely a myth you see
Thou shall reveal the not so mysterious myster...

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#threelinestanza #structure #clean #destiny #fate

Lusting Sin

Lust consumes those who fall or the trap

Confusion or jealousy twitches above eyes

Desire to amount to more than the simplicity of existing 

Desire to feel desired 

Tender affection is rejected by violin strings of broken beings 

Sympathy will be forbidden, the truth hidden 

Blackness only welcomes sin.


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Midnight thoughtslovehurtstruggledeceittrouble


Tick tock, tick tock, thump, thump, thump 
They marched in and took your heart, once filled with redness and vibrancy, 
They took your bright soul and purpose on this rosy spectacle sphere of land and sea 
And shred and bled until nothing remained.
But darkness, blackness and emptiness
A lifeless glance returns the favour in the mirror
Ash piles, a distinguished fire

Prison, some call it ...

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lifeexpectation vs realityextended metaphordeathdarkquotetruth

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