Lusting Sin

Lust consumes those who fall or the trap

Confusion or jealousy twitches above eyes

Desire to amount to more than the simplicity of existing 

Desire to feel desired 

Tender affection is rejected by violin strings of broken beings 

Sympathy will be forbidden, the truth hidden 

Blackness only welcomes sin.


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Harry O'Neill

Thu 15th Oct 2015 21:11


Lust is at it`s most sensational
Mixed up with the pro-creational.
I shout it till the world goes deaf:
Ìts far more fun than I.V.F..

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Abi Thomson

Wed 14th Oct 2015 20:09

Newberry I would agree, lust itself is a very dangerous thing to obtain, but vigorous and healthy are wonderful qualities so lusty is the best definitely

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M.C. Newberry

Wed 14th Oct 2015 15:40

Excess can be overwhelming in many aspects of life if
allowed to take control.
Collins English Gem Dictionary:
Lust - n. sensual desire; carnal appetite; v.t. to have
passionate desire.
Lusty - a. vigorous, healthy
Perhaps a little lusty lust is best?

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Abi Thomson

Wed 14th Oct 2015 15:30

I'm glad you agree, thanks for posting!

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