Bit of a cough

I have got a bit of a cough I say

That is why my voice is breaking

Like shattered glass

And that my tears might trickle I say

I must have forgot to mention

How it is not only my oesophagus that blisters and pinches

Followed by crackles and sizzles

And that a tsunami is likely

Yet no diagnosis

And maybe I am not ill at all

I must have neglected to mention that

Perhaps it is just a figment of my silly imagination


I must have forgot to say

Perhaps it is more than being under the weather

And feeling blue

There are no witnesses

Maybe I am intoxicated

A gin too many maybe

Maybe that is why I am feeling irrational


I do not know why I did not say

How I am haunted

By the daunting surroundings of my mind

Or why I feel this way at all

Maybe I do not know why

An eye for an eye I suppose


I do not know why I leave

These words unspoken

And how they disintegrate the already broken

Yet I continue to ponder

I sit, I wait until early becomes too late

Oh how the ground does shake,

As my feeble bones break


Did I forget to say?

Maybe you did not ask

Maybe the words simply do not exist for me to explain

Maybe that was why

I slump

Like that lump, caught in my throat



#mentalillness #invisibility #lies #unnoticed #aba

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