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rock n roll is hell

christ is a liberty
christ is a liberty of rock n roll
christ is a liberty of hell
christ is christ of liberty
rock n roll is a christ of a crisis
rock n roll is hail as a crisis
rock n roll is hail as hell

a crisis is a crisis of hell
a crisis is a crisis of rock n roll
hell is hail as hell
hell is hail as crisis
a hail of rock n roll is a hail of crisis
liberty is hail as hell

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String Quartets

Perhaps the closest we get to music:

Uncluttered, pure, free from excess.

Their simplicity can be deceptive;

In reality, nothing is simple.

Everything, however, is deceptive.

Maybe that’s the way it is meant to be;

We must be deceived by their deception,

Woven by passion, not by intention.


These pieces are not innocent, of course;

Beyond a lilting theme of hope and ...

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Our songs

Clean and beautiful they once were

Our ears now so dirty with no cure

Music used to sooth and curess

Yet now our ears are pounded and stressed


Is there only one tempo now

For all to March to with a scowl?

Lost in the reverb of modernity

Scarecely heard through uncertainty


Our house was a very nice house

With variation of sounds waving through

Not pounding or...

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Beatles Tale

Hey Jude, did you see the blackbird down on Penny Lane.
And so that bird can sing,
Get back here, play on your gentle weeping guitar for him.

oh Darling, Lucy, I want to hold your hand,
in a sky with little diamonds.
I really don’t want to lose that girl but can’t buy your love today

Dear Prudence, can I buy a ticket to ride in your yellow submarine.
To get you in my life
And travel as...

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Musicculturepop musiccultural icons

Must be cool

It must be cool to be in a band

Everyone says so

The adoration from the crowd

It shouldn't really be allowed


We're all idols in our own time

But some need more 

Time after time

While ever rotting at the core


Musicing is now a verb

But it always has been hasn't it?

Plucking, strumming and picking

It hardly warrants any thinking 


I find it an ever d...

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MusicLive Musicperformancemusicinganxiety


I'm qualified and ready

to teach you nice and steady

Music is the session

It's yours with no pretention


Bespoke, tailored and informed

By experts, assesments and the sought

I'm even trained in Vdt MOCA

So there's enough in my locker


Yet I'm met with refusal, indignance and betrayal

How on earth could I fail?
Your engagement is essential

To know if I'm succe...

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