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Emotions are a funny thing

They work in mysterious ways


Sometimes it's hard to keep up with the tides 

Other times we learn to surf the waves


Anger feels like being set on fire 

But no one else can see the flames 


Sadness flows like a river 

Or it can pour down like rain


Happiness can feel like a ray of warm light 

Glowing through our veins



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Whispers of Loneliness

Wearing a smile, but it's just a show, 

Loneliness whispers, won't let go.

In the crowd's noise, a silent plea, 

Heartache murmurs, longing to be free.


Behind laughter's mask, a tale untold, 

Loneliness unfolds, a story unfolds. 

They feed on tears, a bitter taste,

In solitude's grasp, emotions embraced.


Moving with shadows, the soul steps back,

Loneliness stay...

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