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cumulonimbus seas

Two dark fluffy eyes

enormous in size

made of clouds in the sky

stare back at me 


Straight above me

an ocean so lovely

dense and fluffy

 cumulonimbus seas




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The Mariner’s Home

As the mariner sinks softly beneath the white tipped foam

He dreams of shadowed woodlands 

In his County Antrim home

Where gulls rise in the sunlight echoing and free 

And bluebell glens descend in silver ribbons to the sea

And he smiles a gentle smile that lights up the space around

And recalls the love that once was lost but now is surely found

For the one who stayed beside ...

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lovelife and deathseamemorial

The Betrothal

You kiss the tops of my closed hands, the mottled scarf round, a hand-fasting

Where little triple diamonds sit, it stands like a marriage 

Our walk round the sea brimmed with its longings and its blue remedy 

I am peering into our brief lives like Ægir’s wife and her sea fury

what’s lost is lost 

May the mead of poetry find me still 

I make a new dream for us to take refuge from ...

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Seawild seamythloversmarriage

Love's Servant

As I was laying in the desert,

I desperately longed for the sea

and its waves to crash over me.

How could it slip over my head

that water can dry one out too?


There in the desert,

my throat was empty.

Constricting and relaxing around nothing.

Desperately trying to salvage 

the little droplets of water,

it could claw out of my mouth

to satisfy my needy self.


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Life Tercets

A story about
                an old poet
    and his cottage

A dream of an old mariner
                lost in Wales
    adrift on his words

A memory of
                a young boy
    on his maiden voyage

A memory of
    lost at sea

A line on a chart
                between a girl
    and loneliness

A communion

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Return To Me

Cold and dark

here I lay

waiting for you at bay.

The orange pearl is sinking into the seas.

Thousands of sand grains surround me,

yet I still feel so lonely.

I have given my heart to you

and now it’s sinking slowly in the seas.

I will wait for eternity

may the seas direct you back to me.

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