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Feeling The Pressure

The flawless lands on saturn
through the order of the
eight established planets
have for eons now
sanctioned the creation
and changed climates in their entirety
with the rise in diamond rainfall

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Days That Have No Anchor

Though we have explored
all there is to travel
I still turn to you in awe
Those wondrous eyes
still cause my blood to race
On cruel and foggy days
all jagged nerves
and withered spirit
you lose your gravity
drifting again
on days that have no anchor

And if I must, I’ll do it tenderly
hold you through the waves
of heaving sobs
clutch your trembling hand
and we’ll fathom
the house ...

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Love of My Lives

Sweet sting of truth… I only heard it because it came from you.

Better person


Laughter, when I was born of tears… oh, what a rebirth!


Of course you don’t get all the credit for my understanding of love; I spent many years as an autodidact cardiologist.


But it would be a capricious falsehood to say that I would be anything close to Me

without You.


You have call...

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The Betrothal

You kiss the tops of my closed hands, the mottled scarf round, a hand-fasting

Where little triple diamonds sit, it stands like a marriage 

Our walk round the sea brimmed with its longings and its blue remedy 

I am peering into our brief lives like Ægir’s wife and her sea fury

what’s lost is lost 

May the mead of poetry find me still 

I make a new dream for us to take refuge from ...

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Seawild seamythloversmarriage

Nature's Wedding

Let the melodious song

of the numerous creatures

that reside here with us along,

in the lands and the skies

guide our light feet.


Step forward,

and bathe in the light of the sun.

As she blesses our love

and ignites our skins and soul.

In this bittersweet moment, 

tinged sour by all that could have been,

should have been ours,

let us surrender our hearts


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