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Ice Hockey

A snowflake hits the moonlit pond

freezing grounds before the dawn.

The pond will ice from shore to center.

Frozen puddle, solidified by winter.

Daylight comes, the children rejoice

over hockey games on the pond of ice.



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Message in a Bottle

Coconut oil suntan lotion
slathered on my skin.
Motion of the raging ocean
a fire brews within.
Adirondack on the boat deck
letting the sunbeams in.
My note to you
in a closed glass tube
I sent it for a swim.
The day you find the note I wrote
will surely be my end.

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How many planes are on cocaine?

The pilot shoots powder into his brain

   This private charter is fucking insane

   My pilot parties like Jeff Tremaine

Our landing abrupt, we stopped in a lake

The pilot was dead, I was in shakes


The cops combed the scene

Didn’t find anything

   The coke on the pilot 

   was washed by the stream

He laid there cracked open

A ter...

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Tick tock the cats tail
swings from the steel nail.
Kitten nailed to the wall
tightly secured, as not to fall.
Eyes open wide
digitally displaying the time.

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Be nicer

As I watch the news I see a similar trend.
Many mass-shooters with one common thread.
Felt shunned by their peers
for many a year.
So, if you are kind
you surely will find
a life filled with many friends.

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Sadie the aquafox

Sadie the aquafox leaps from the lake

giving its body a shake

A boy throws a ball

the aquafox takes chase


The ball lands behind the shed

aquafox stretches its legs

across the bright green lawn

Zigging and zagging to fetch

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Sycophant milquetoast
running from your brown nose
   Everyone superior
   looked down on in the mirror
Apologetic worm
undeserving of a turn
to be clearly heard

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Shine bright

Roll the dice for me tonight

Lucky charm of the sky

Burning light-years high

Out of reach

Of my motorbike

Cruising under citylight

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Fried Chicken

Viscous heat bubbles at my feet.

A drum of boiling oil lies beneath.

My body sweats 

I dangle like a leaf.

From a wrought iron cage

I watch with rage.

They chop my friends.

Then, they soak and bread them

Feed them to the grease.

I'm a bird trapped in the tree.

Never to be free.

Until, it's time to eat.


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The Lamp

a golden relic of prior days
they tell tales of djinns and genies
how did this object receive the name
it'd make an ideal canteen of gravy
my room does not illuminate
I've rubbed till wrist was cramped
when filled with oil, the blaze did rage
why do they call it a lamp

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100 Batmans

soldiers take the field
foam swords and shields
Costume City troops
dressed in batman suits
they paused for lunch at noon
the battle to resume
when a glass of tea
and one grilled cheese
are happily consumed

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violent death

beyond sunsets of tangerine

past seas of aquamarine

crimson pouring out of me

I face my final color scheme 

darkness comes

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Watashi no kasa wa anata no kasa Let it rain

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make a corpse, make a scene

make 'em scream, make 'em sing

as you funnel the chlorine

down the hatch on Halloween

make a movie, make a scene

may they flock to the screen

watch the torture and abuse

hang a man by their own shoes

solid noose of double shoestrings 

coming to theaters, this Halloween 

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Artificial Ignorance

how embarrassing it is

to be from a planet

that created artificial intelligence

not because it was hard

but, because we're too stupid to think for ourselves.

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Rhymeartificial intelligencecorporations

cumulonimbus seas

Two dark fluffy eyes

enormous in size

made of clouds in the sky

stare back at me 


Straight above me

an ocean so lovely

dense and fluffy

 cumulonimbus seas




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Holy War

passionate generals boom their blasphemies;

aim thy cannons at our godless enemies

burn their homes, set fire to the trees

kill every last living thing

start with all the "human beings"

kill every doe, bird and bee that breathe

breeding in the miasma stream

in their demonic energy

fear not, for 

heavy is the hand god feeds

waifers and wine

defenders of the make be...

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Rhymehistoryscienceholy warsreligion

My First Prayer

I pray every one of their children is gay.
Lord, make it so.
I pray one of their sons
murders them in cold blood,
while the rest of their kids cover it up.
Maybe I've spent too long
not focusing on the problem.
Lord, make me ungay.
I want to be taken seriously,
get off this disability.
publish poetry in Braille,
and give all my earnings to charity.
If I promise to pray for your sake,

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Stress Related

burning in the corner of the restaurant.
every key on my laptop.
QWERTY keys with a yellow gunk.
teeth like licky licky lollipop.
Comatose, you fill my nose.
Fill my mouth
with fizzy fizzy sodapop.
My breathing stops.
It's no trouble,
I'll just bubble
for these TV docs.
Googling 5 bed cabins
on the mountaintops.
I tell you of my ailments.

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Your Parents House

the tempting bite
glossy wax mushroom
two hours after consuming
your body is still buzzing and booming
feet are cruising, not stumbling
head is alert, mellow and bubbly
you're at your parents house
sitting cozy on the couch
President Nixon turns and whispers
did you know the moon landing was motion pictures

eyes sweep left to right
goodnight panorama
breaking out in hives
that wax w...

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Scent Memories

charred scents linger
within the astronaut's mind
suits, boots, glove fingers
leave scent memories behind
reek of burnt toast and sulfur
a vacuum occupied by scientists and engineers
what Earthly scents trigger
the olfactory bulbs of space pioneers
acid burns, fireworks, the scent of torched meat
the bakery that burns a rack of bagels
on the putrid corner of smelly Smogstone Street
the ...

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Rhymespacesci Fi


Salvia on the tongue,

mind a fuzzy buzz.

Brick wall opens before me.

By firelight I see through.

On the back porch age 17

pondering reality.

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Starlight Ever After

Wild rattlesnakes wrestle with their shakes.

Slithering through the decay,

of a rusted red Chevrolet.

Roaches top the food chain.

Gargantuan size and strength

with razor fangs.

Everything turned prey.

You told me you want to die

in another time and place.

When and where the starlight

still shined through space.


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Ruler of Man

You have a phone meeting at noon,

address the issue head-on and soon.

Lobbyists are clawing at the doors.

I set up a press conference at four.

Jerry wrote you a speech

he typed it with his feet.

Suppose, he would have used his hands.

But, they were amputated per your demand.



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The Fall

Derek plummets from the summit

paper feathers attached

fashioned wings upon his back.

Lift him high through the clouds

gently swaying to the ground.

Each trip up the cliff

is a daunting grind.

Daily, Derek makes the climb.

The woods reveal a blissful calm.

But, nothing beats his daily fall.




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Lawn mowers blast Arcadian cacophony.
I flick a mosquito off of me.
Sitting on my front porch step
nails painted in bright red.
Turning all the pages
of my science fiction.
Working on a suntan.
From dome to collarbone.
Cropped top and a houndstooth skirt.
Subjects, objects, and verbs
come and go

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wayward seasons

summer brings slurries
wicked sticky sleet drops
puddling, pooling, icicles dripping
slush gushes from the frosted rooftops
winter heat fries the egg
cracked on rocky road
melting the cream
burning the orange cone
Melbourne Falls, darkness dawns
sixty days of night
madness in the streets
kingdom of crime
Tamura Springs, sky rains cancer
the sakura flower lost
our beautiful reminder

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Rhymeclimate changesci-fi

the wanderer and the gas

abandoned and left for dead
hundred and seven degree day
heat fueled the thirst, then the darkness came
bringing a chill to the plane
stratus clouds hovered knee high
a glowing glass bottle in sight
flowing with liquid vitamins and energy
only the dying would consume that gasoline

last drop of gas hits the tongue
bottled up stratus bits to take back home
no place to go, but grade A die...

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organic satanic tea

blood seeps thick to the roots
burst back out the bamboo shoots
  oozing across the earth
  sullying the dirt
we drench the world in blood
name of a toxic gov
  fighting for a stretch of land
  soldiers march on scarlet sand
they're soaked in the crimson red
mist of men, registered dead
  plasma dripping down the mountain
  running like a fountain
platelets burst from the peak
98.6 de...

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cheese weed

Lawn clippings left in my mouth
Finest cheese weed
Couldn't produce a lick of saliva
buzzing from the sativa
August 12, 2023
Somewhere in Michigan that night
Under the stars
Local highway, I heard the cars
Crickets chirping bars
Spaced out
Fade out

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Fat Bottom Betty

Dip in the driveway,
the water puddles and pools.
  Huddled against my front door
  I breathe in my smoke.
  August 14th, 2023.
Exhaling through my nose
the tobacco that I chose,
  Fat Bottom Betty.
Drew estates, Nicaraguan robusto,
choice of the aficionado.

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RhymecigarFat Bottom BettyDrew Estates


Been called a jabroni

for lighting a stogie.

Inhaling the relief,

exhaling my grief.

Dawn, August 13, 2023.

On my stoop I sit breathing

the aroma of the leaf.

Smoke caresses my cheek.

I inhale the thick smog,

my lungs give a cough.

Enjoy the taste of the leaf.

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Grandpa's Checkerboard

perched upon the table

made of oak and maple

stones carved of cedar and sycamore

is grandpa’s checkerboard


when mom and dad play rummy

the children squat down on the floor

checkers begin jumping

on that old checkerboard

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chariot race

mechanical horses line up at the gate

riders clad in straps of leather

contemplating their fate


Akira Koike takes up pole position

favored to win

his prized stallion fitted with

an atomic booster engine


the steed is comprised of HSLA steel

welded shut from muzzle to heel

the chariot attached is made of chromed magnesium

lightweight and strong with rivets of ...

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gravity takes ahold of his body and shadow

talons, pinning his shade by the nape

on a cold night, dim lit stretch of pavement

underneath a flickering street light

wings, carrying his body and stretching his shade

rising through the stratosphere

rubber banding under the pressure

as gravity takes him to the peak

talons, slipping, falling from gravity’s feet

he shot back to...

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elk-horn bear

a bear with the antlers of an elk
slumbers on glacier ice
swimming in the arctic
cranks up the phonograph
blares heavy metal music
for the heavy metal riffs
the bear wakes up at sunrise
paws a bundle of fish
elk-horn bear dances
dances the Earth apart
the glaciers fall into the water
causing the tides to surge

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Rhyming Rant!

There's a certain snobbery to rhyming 

I think it's all about timing 

This modern lot say it's not their scene

It diminishes the artistic dream

No competitions are won by rhyme!

You've got to toe the trending line!

Wordsworth & Co would now be snubbed

His daffodils, critically, left unloved.

O Captain! My Captain! 

O give it a rest!

Drop the rhyming! It's for the best...

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