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The whistle of the wind
And the fate twisted and twined
Under the dark filled with gems
We made love and made other condemns

Mumbling crickets sang their song
And the croaking frogs composed their poem
The endless sky; glimmering yet bright
With you here feelings were delight

The moment and time stood still
And the world was ours to give
Soft tongue and eyes filled with jewel
Is not...

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The Love of Bliss

Us driving in the unending road
Bouquet of puff hanging in my lips
With you here time slowly flowed,
for, I glanced over to see your mischievous glimpse

A day I deliberately squandered
To keep seeing your glimpse among the waning crescent we pondered
Gust flows your curls and pollinates its scents
Drunkenly devoted without a drink ferments

Lost in time, lost in asphalt
With only stars...

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The significance of a pillow

You adjusted the pillow so tenderly under my head while we fucked,

I had never experienced consideration like that before, it felt so intimate.

It was so humane.

You detected my discomfort and cared enough to act.

You cared.

You acted.

I admit, it was exactly what I was longing for.


I am terrified.


Now, I must wait with white knuckles, choking on my breath.


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Six years, a social class or two, a religion and half a country between us

We found each other in a city large for me and small for him

I bought this tall, exquisite stranger a beer, only because I’d had a few myself

And found some courage there.


Was the moon full that night as he walked me home, and we sat close on the sofa?

My legs tucked under me, facing him, I asked, “What ...

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Paul and Art’s  ‘B’ Side to Mrs Robinson


The deepest depth that it’s possible to fall,

Is into an abyss of betrayal and despair,

Duplicity cuts deep for the unsuspecting soul,

Leaving life without direction, reason or care,

Yet you held your head high

Showed him the door, waved goodbye,

And you moved on.


The longest journey you could undertake,

Starts with that initial tentative step,

Traversing the p...

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Twin Flame

The oceans blue depth is clear,

Every time you are near.

It’s the depth of my emotion,

As deep as the deepest ocean.


Your souls light shines blue,

As if you’re a brand new you.

Your thoughts are becoming clear,

Every time you come near.


This connection will never be broken,

It will last forever my dear.

For there is an answer and it is clear,

Our twin fla...

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