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Where do we all find beauty?
And of what does it consist?
Is it made or is it natural?
And where does it exist?

One might find it in a person.
They may have lovely hair or eyes.
Or is it in their personality?
Is that where beauty lies?

Do we find it in the weather?
Perhaps it's in a summer's day.
With blue skies and precious sunshine,
And we'd love for it to stay.

Do we discover ...

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Stuart VannerBeauty

bird watching

gracefully i perch on the edge of the bus seat, 

so as to convey my feminine, my eyelashes. 

each time the doors open my posture rushes to fix itself, 

my fringe blown out by my hands running through it. 

when i'm most worn out, 

on the days when the world is dragging its feet,

when my joints tingle with pins and needles. 

to look pretty on the edge of a bus seat is a fufillin...

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poempoetrypoetwritingwritergirlhoodnon fictiongirlsfeministbeauty

Forever and always

Lost in your blue eyes like I'm floating in the sea

I still get shivers when you look at me 

No matter how far we have come 

From girlfriend to an incredible mum

You still own my heart, my soul and mind

When I'm with you I fully unwind

You make me the best person I can be

We can take on anything with you beside me

Hand in hand, check to check 

I still look at you and for...

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Lovewifebest friendmarriageeyesbeautyforever

White Feathers

I woke and there was a beautiful pigeon next to me.

On the bed.

6 feet tall with white feathers


I looked and saw good things,

then fading away but yet remaining

resetting what I see.

As Beauty.

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