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On a full moon day

would you come to me

and for single day

be mine for a while?


You need not to talk

nor smile

just sit by my side 

and stare at the sky

'cause tomorrow it'll be

a moonless sky

when you dress in a tux

and say "I do"


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Letting Golove

I Hope

I hope you'll love what's left of me

After life has had its fill

I hope you'll see in those old eyes

There's love & laughter still


I hope my skin of brittle parchment 

Can be traced by loving fingers 

I hope this weary sheet of braille 

Shows an epilogue still lingers 


I hope our hands still intertwine 

Like stars cling to the sky

I hope we waltz through amb...

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Dear Universe

Dear Universe,

Why did you give me a flower so beautiful,

then make me watch its petals fall?

Why did you gift me a single seedling,

but forbid me from watering it?

Why did you lead me to the purest of water,

yet poison it with your toxins?


You chuckle to youself

as I try to overcome it,

overpower it,

out determine it,

all the while knowing

deep within the ...

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I couldn't think of another stanza

curled on a velvet chair

in a darkening room

is a monstorous teen. 

outside the blackening,

is a fading pink sky.

the clouds within whisper to shepards, 

"Delighted I Hope"

and on the highest grassy hills,

the shepards face eternity.




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Love doesn't care what you look like

It can flutter your belly with a conversation 

Make sunshine from a smile

Or, find your forever in a passing glance

Letting your heart get all funky

And your soul do a soulful dance


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Avatar Impact

Saga of joy ethereal
In my own anticipation
Transcendental manifestation
Humanely celestial
Bewitchingly pulchritudinous!

Aura always so effervescent 
Elegance speaks praise
The world is yours in so many ways
Richly benevolent 
Bewitchingly pulchritudinous!

Disenfranchised; it's emancipation actually 
Your ebullience touch the new high
That glimpse, a consolation, and a deep sigh.

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