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Escape window-Aggression

Escape window- Aggression

Friday,25th Feb 2022

I feel concerned

at the turn of events

it presents the horrible face of the world

misery may emerge in quantities untold

people are running for safer shelter fold

are we free from slavery concept?

Are we prompt to offer the counter?

All the nations keep escape window open

add fuel to fire and aggravate the situation


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Nice poetry

Nice poetry

Friday, 25th Feb 2022

No, I am not the poem

I am the blossom

the blossom of the flower

a flowing water of the river

No, I am not cruel

I don't give pain at all

sometimes, I rise with the waves

and behave with the sentiments

I live in verse

but give no excuses

to curse

but reckon with the force

catch my nerve

and serve

with soothing device


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I want to say

I want to say

Sunday, 20th Feb 2022

I want to say

put firmly my feet on the ground and stay

it is my land with deep roots

I shall not allow any plunder or loot

I speak for no one

but for the self alone

I ask consciously

but get no reply readily

if everybody bears same character

with same feelings as an actor

if the world is remaining the same

I have only to a...

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We are susceptible

We are susceptible

Sunday, February 20, 2022

5:30 PM

We are susceptible to cheaters

rumor mongers, liars

forecasters and the hate spreaders

we act as innocent followers

we do not easily carry away

and say

nothing against wrongdoers

but act as silent spectators

it is said "even the dead snake gets you an award"

the junk item yields best prize never heard before


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Only one race

Only one race

Friday,18th Feb 2022

Only one race was famous in ancient times

martial races who ruled all the time

raised empires and razed to the ground

swayed over the largest chunk of territories and found the best good name

they had reason to feel

and rule at the will

keeping subjects under control

and call them inferior

they not only made them slaves

but behave...

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Love to lead & excel

Love to lead and excel

Friday,18th Feb 2022


Omni presence and



love has no end

it sends the spirit of divinity

the presence of an almighty

to work for the peace and humanity

even sky shows its limit

and greets meet with an earth

it becomes holy reflection

with the love in its original presentation

love conveys its willingness

and the...

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Day's work

Day's work

Thursday,10th Feb 2022

Rain showers

down pour

my heart palpates better

harmonious atmosphere

sans fear

morning sunshine

defines my role

with positive call

rise and witness no fall

move forward and smash the wall

gain or loss

it may come across

wait and pose

silently choose

don't look at the shoes

day's work

evaluate with no words


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No option for man


No option for man

Thursday,10th Feb 2022

You have no option

either to draw a lesson

or give a reason

why do you have a frustration?

we have gone a sea change

and witnessed sweeping age erosion

you can't see any exemplary person

everybody has a black shadow human in him

everywhere, you find deception

treachery, lies and desertion

people want an easy money


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The feelings

The feeling

Wednesday,9th Feb 2022

The feeling for a man

the attachment for human beings

the sentiments and care to bring

some special feelings

at first sight

I feel it right

to fall in love

and believe in its sanctity

it brings natural pull

the sensation to make me full

a woman to fall and go for it

with utmost desire and meet

all the women may be desirin...

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