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A Good Book

No matter how hard I try

there's always nights of

which can never be said

is slept without having

raised from a most

comfortable bed

searching for something

to help me sleep

when mother said

“it’s all in your head!”

so I tried just that

even went to

the library and read and read

cus a good book will do that

help me relax

so there every day

I’d find ...

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hidden scars, unhealed wounds

Hidden scars, unhealed wounds, 

and a forever bleeding heart.

Past I can't seem to forget,

Just watching over till you are down.

Over a smile you will frown,

When your nose takes a sniff.

Just unknown threats,

Underlying fears waiting patiently,

Waiting for tears to bottle up.

Now that's a bubble I shouldn't burst.


This is the rubble I kept,

All these years wa...

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real life




Dusky Sunshine kissing mountain's meadow,

Like a Mother adoring her baby's enchanted glow...


Chirping birds flying as a tidal wave,

Pondering to whom shall we care...


Serene shadows of ever grateful trees,

Imposing us to find our Inner Peace


Being loved is a blessed boon,

A Hope of finding love is the race- half won...



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March 20th 28

Life is growing lonelier every day that passes


I’m just a slave to my fateful soul and it’s inevitable searches.


Spiralling on deeper down and forever tumbling aimlessly around. I can’t seem to put both these feet of mine on the forbidden ground.


If only my thoughts and my life could be safely contained once found. I would then progress and could grow to that magical higher...

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Biscuit Without Cream

Biscuit Without Cream

Ujjal Mandal, India

If I lose myself in the dreamland
Where dreams are made of sand,
The real world will seem just a dream
Like a biscuit without cream

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