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The Sun’s Litany

The Sun’s Litany

My light

Forever bright

Proud and true

Would surely know

If he was untrue?

His words a balm to

Desperate ears

My body only

What he holds dear?

Oh heart, emotions be

Craving sweet shore

Of security

Safe arms to pull me close

Cherish my heart

My essence close

Play and laugh

With carefree joy

Dance our hearth 

Not destroy



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April supermoon Pink 2021
Help us to shift out the darkness be gone
Enlighten us daily and bring faith we believe
Rebirth new ideas set goals and achieve

To confront any obstacles setting us back
Guard us keep safe when we're under attack

Shelter us whole prevent us adrift
Cleansing ones soul and others We lift
Grant us the peace in the blessing of still
Pour in your magic with love our h...

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Aprimagicmoonmoon poetrysupermoon

My last night, in the flat we almost shared

You've already left.

537 miles North of me, of us.

I'll ruffle up to join you in four (agonising) weeks 

but to my unconcerned shame, 

I'm too sad to sleep in that bed without you, too ungoverned.


Nostalgia, even the warm kind, is too much feeling for me.

Something about it has always made my lipids curdle 

and an unpleasant tickle cloud in my brain.


The street ou...

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Moon Angel we talk through the moon
Sun rise at dawn settle at noon
Evening comes and darkness is ours
Oh blissfull darkness you give us the stars

Night streams and moon beams
Glistening waters
Reflecting on lessons the night Time
has taught us.
The blessings it brought us

Still many lessons and magic to come
Magical teachers the stars moon and sun

Yes there were hard times and there wi...

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