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The Cellars Of Your Heart

I stayed put, you moved on

With not a backward glance,

Its cold and dark down here

Hearing your merry dance


I'm in limbo now, forgotten

My spirit unable to restart

Trapped and left for dead

In the cellars of your heart


This place has other ghosts

Chains clanking like mine

Brooding sadly about how

You must be doing so fine


We're so near yet so far ...

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Smiles, flowers, rainbows.

Dried tears. 

Your ghost is here,

alleviating fears. 

A good day, 

crushing brimstone, 

in this wild, 

parallel life. 



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Ghost spring

Ghostly creatures.
Distance, restriction,
Non existing life.
I miss deep kisses
And hands on my body.
I miss warm words
And expression.
Nature goes on,
Blossoming in competition,
Nurture me with sunny spells
On empty train stations. 
Spring in my heart, 
But not in other's hearts. 
I want to explode, 
So full of life. 
Blow all the ghosts away, 
Past shadows of the winter. 

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You disappeared without a trace. 

For years I didn’t see your face.

I believed the lies,

that you died. 

Maybe you did,

on the inside.

Your essence never went away.

Behind me, beside me, within me

night and day. 

You haunt me.

That’s the way I want it to be. 

Love is a mystery. 


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