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O karma will always prevail

Although it may take many years

Then it shall be understood

Why you cried those tears


So in time one shall receive

Just exactly what one should

And be seen for what you are

Whether it be bad or good


And even in your darkest hours

Know ahead of you shall be light

So if you want to challenge life

Don't give up without a fight


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hopejusticeKarmaStuart Vanner

No Star Was Seen

To You who art

To me, when I see

The made star night

Looming, enfolding,

Displacing the confusion

Of maps and charts.

A darkness that is as light

As the day when

The sweat and the blood

Tasted by a dying thief

Glistened, glistened, glistened,

While the hot sky

Darkened, darkened, darkened.

No star was seen

But looming,

Falling, falling, w...

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My Point is Circular

My mouth took some months to bloom

My words took some weeks to flower

You and I do not speak different languages

We possess different meanings


“What is the curl of your tongue?

What is the grind of your teeth?

What is the bow in your brows?

What do you mean?”


Your bottom line is neat and fine

Your ballpoint pen bullet-proof



My point is a r...

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purple city

Red for love Blue for sky's

A tap full of tears a mothers eyes

Dry are the lids from mourning salt

Mothers world has come to a halt

Love for truth honesty and pride

Sky is were he lives mother dying inside

Red for anger blue for healing Anger for injustice and Grief and lies

Healing for the families of those in the sky's

Red is our blood Blue our veins

Vital to living in...

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HillsboroughjusticeLiverpool poetryLiverpool Poets

The Nucleus

If you find love for the duration,
This you may find will benefit every nation,
It begins with the nucleus,
And that nucleus is me,
All I want out of life is a cigarette and a cup of tea,
Anything more would be great,
But we must rid the world of hate,
Love is the answer to all things,
If you have true love then you will live the life of a king,
There will be justice for all,
And if you ...

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A Message of Hope

               A Message of Hope

This is a message of hope, of peace, of justice

Of the pieces of me that are not taken

Not trapped, Not tapped of sourceful energy. 

And the resources of friendship and kindness and love

Of the part of me that is alive and breathing and being. 

With Nature and trees and sun

With butterflies and hummingbirds and eyes open

Watching the glow of...

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The greedy God is a needy God

offering paradise to those

who would make a body count

in a violent misshape of fate


for needy Gods need sacrifice

to justify their cause.

What God creates he takes away

while man creates his laws.

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Sleep Peacefully At Last

Twenty seven years of sleepless nights
enduring a lifetime of injustice.
Fighting endlessly to clear the name...
of friends and loved ones wrongly blamed.
Justice should have been swift and free,
but corruption was present from the start
and lay at the heart of this tragedy.
Adding pain and deepening their misery.

Always dignified. Unflinching in their efforts,
the strength it has...

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Haiku: Justice

will welfare victims

wait for justice as long as

twenty-seven years?

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The Scales of Unjustice

entry picture

Held accountable
For my actions although those
Were not my actions

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Five years and nine months

Can you tell what it is yet?

It's not long enough


So whilst on 'A' Wing

Bend down to pick up your soap

Whilst in the shower


No 'Two Little Boys'

Just 'Jake the Peg's middle leg

Summary justice


A didgery-doo

Try your Kangaroo court sport

It's coming to you


Then why no remorse?

Banged up at portrait's pleasure


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bullyingcell blockchild abusecourtshaikujusticeporridgeprisonsongs

the knock

Should have been your boy

back from the game

bag of fish and chips

grin as wide as the Mersey

drunk on youth and sunshine 

still living every pass shot tackle

as he settles down in front of the box

him and the old man each with a can

to watch it all over on Match Of The Day.


Instead, it was coppers

neighbours, friends, the sad-eyed priest

it was sorry for your...

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Children Of The Glamned

entry picture

Children Of The Glamned

preying on the teenage Kohl eyed panda
tinfoil fumbling back stage
now fear her mature rampage
finding strength in her dotage


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accusationsenglyn formgary glitterjusticeproject yew treeretributionvictims

Promoting democracy

A rain of death is falling in Ramses Square

There's something perceptively evil in the air

Perhaps it's the word Moslem

That excuses the eagle from treating them less like men

I saw him, unarmed pleading hands outstretched in front of the tank

The rifle raised these bastards are not firing blanks

What code, what right is invoked that separates crime from state

What t...

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He saw a hooded figure

entry picture
So the trees are no longer decorated with strange southern fruits
But Trayvon Martin still gets no justice when Zimmerman shoots.
The latter claimed he had the right to simply stand his ground
But first, against police advice, he followed young Trayvon around
Trying to decide, I guess, if the teenager really posed a threat.
But judging by what Trayvon was packing, he was a wrong as wrong can get.
He ...

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justicemurderpoemTrayvon Martin

Robin Hood Book Manchester Launch

Robin Hood Book Manchester Launch


Entry: Free

Open Mic Event

Contact: ushiku.crisafulli@googlemail.com

I am pleased to announce that Ashton Library will be host to the Manchester launch of the Robin Hood Book, a poetry anthology alongside the Robin Hood Campaign analysing, celebrating and discussing various social issues of importance.

There will be readings from Ushiku ...

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Alan MorrisonJusticeRobin Hood BookRobin Hood Taxsocial commentarySociety

A different sort of poem.....


40/1  Clara Petacci in the Piazza Loreto


She was Benito Mussolini’s squeeze.


He’d jump official meetings for quick shags,

leaving state officials fingering their diplomatic bags.

He’d have her on the carpet, on a chair,

over a desk; almost anywhere,

then go out on some balcony, thumping the air.


Of course it had to end:

Armies defeated, tr...

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atrocityClara PetacciItalyjusticeMussoliniWorld War Two


The knocks came loud at half past four;

The wife woke from her sleep.

"You give that noisy pest what-for,

I hate the little creep"!


Her husband squinted at the clock

And rubbed his tired eyes;

He'd give that yob a nasty shock,

An unforseen surprise.


"What's your problem, son?" he cried,

Flinging back the door,

And quickly stopped in verbal str...

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Wet dawn morning rain dripping on sombre scene

low clouds distilling all colour to grey.

No warmth or hope or peace of mind.

Count down approaches creeping death

as workers test the gallow’s string, new white rope up,

haul heavy sacks of grain to test it – dead weight.

In his cell a condemned man is brought,

he didn’t sleep much. His last day on ear...

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the great fallacy

I present my argument:

Justice is a moral issue;

morality is subjective;

therefore -  Justice is subjective.

The Just Person is:

upright righteous fair-minded

‘on the side of the angels’!

unbiased unprejudiced impartial

dispassionate indifferent detached

decisive unchallengeable



With all due reasonableness

the Ju...

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poetic Justice

poetic justice
if poets did justice and the law

loansharks would get baliffs knocking on their door
animal abusers would have to go to the vets instead of the doctors
muggers would be beaten up by old grannies
scientists who test animals with cosmetics would find themselves dolled up every morning
by cosmetics that give them a rash
and bankers who get big bonuses would have to wor...

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