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There is comfort in the creaking of the stairs

There is comfort in the creaking of the stairs.

Each creak guiding, reminding you of your place,

Between the rise and the run,

The rhythm within the space.

There is comfort in the creaking of the stairs.

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short poem

Diary Of The Southern Queen Entry #9 {My Shawty}

{Diary Of The Southern Queen Entry #9} {My Shawty}




I am gaga for

you shawty 


there's no

body like my



shawty you

make me fall

for you `n` 

can't you see

what you are

doing to me as

I yell it to the

world around us 


my shawty

recuse me from

the cold darkened

waters that I

was drowning in 



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Conceit And Vanity Quote #3

{Conceit And Vanity Quote #3}



That old 


think's that 

the ⛅ sun

comes up 

just to hear 

him crow 







©One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina Glover originally written on August 3,2016 but posting here on 12/03/2017 all rights reserved


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Fall and Foster

I have an ax and a hammer. 
With one hand I fall with the other I foster.
To the rise I fell.
With the fall I prosper.

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short poem


Time heals 

but I put my time 

in an ice cube 

and now global warming 

struck and the feelings 

have been let loose

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This Morning Was A Breath

This morning was a breath,

And the burdens were weightless.

My hair bounces as I walk,

And my voice is clear when I talk.

I smiled when the camera was pointed at me.

It feels so good to just be seen.

The caress of you,

Reminds me of colorful views,

That  used to be used to.

Today I am me -

And this me is brand new.

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International Women's Day

Pages and pages of pink and pink
roses on dresses and slender chic drink,
All pictures pretty some might think
but none reflecting strength, and that's the thing:

Women's Day isn't all flowers and hearts
it's message shouldn't be limited before it starts,
we are more than our constituent parts
so today try to tear stereotypes apart -

Support our differences, our quirks,
you don't have...

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These Wooden Boots

All I think of when I see these boots

is a hand full of dimes

squeaking at me through the leather

and broken soles that seem to grind

my feet to the ground


All I see is a row of wooden picture frames

and I count them, subtract them, divide them

into the hours that mark my sanity. Because I

am aware of time and can add, subtract, multiply

and divide it I breathe thro...

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