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Lost Soul

Plagued by depression
on a blades edge reflecting.
He feel the cold steel caress him
soul peeled from presence now his ghost fill the heavens.
Bereft lady luck so he swigged liquid death,
push needle past flesh to rid evils banish stress.
Demons vanquish men a past hollowed by the pen,
hollow eyed again sparking up the stem
he prophesied at Zen.
Self destructive,
liquor burst the walls o...

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The Tug of Depression

The tug of depression
It was always there
It's my greates lesson
That life wasn't mean to be fair
It's the shackles on my legs
The clouds over my head
It's the dead of the night
Never far from sight
It's the weight holding me down
Turning the smile into a frown
It's the whiskey I didn't need
Making me think I'm free
It's my monotone life
Making me scared of the highs
It's the prison ...

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