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December Collage Poem: Waves

Swansea waves words at passing poets


The twenty-fifth day is long and in others souls,

A week later we enter the next chapter with

New raging goals.


Kissing capitalism's ass and not mine

Highway traffic moves in waves,

Or should that be it crawls like a crab


Marrying a woman from East Texas

She cooked Christmas pudding for dinner each night

In peanut and r...

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Collage PoemDecemberStockport Art GalleryStockport WoLWoL

October 2017 Collage Poem: The Strangeness of Dreams

Birds in their time

Snatched by roaring winds

To dream of whatever is there


In the shadow is a haunted face

As another lies awake waiting now


Water, rising, frogs, fish, fins, brushing

The legs as they passed by


The hazy days of summer

And all that racket

From next door

Wish I could sleep!


To dream is to sleep

To sleep is to dream

The myst...

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2017Collage poemdreamingstockport write out loud

September 2017 Collage Poem

Boxes of snore, law and war

Old soldiers in days of yore


Endless revising for the school dance

Go West across the park and guess

Who Fred could be


The black lab drags behind

Whilst a parrot swears

The social workers say it's OK


Not that I'd wish it on his people

But isn't it a shame that Kim

Can't have the wrath of Irma -

Or was it him that caused it...

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Collage PoemFred WestSeptemberStockport

May 2017 Collage poem


Gunpowder walk around, a spark was sobbing

Underneath secrets hopping alongside humans

Inbetween trees weeping in regret


Wet willy, slippering down the slope. Pointing at

Your directionless forehead. Hop aboard the bumpy ride.

Wear a helmet. Your tongue is like a whip... but why!


Tip of the tonge. Sharp or soft

A host of feminist vegans

Lie in a pool of his o...

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Stockport WOLCollage poemMay2017

April 2017 Collage Poem: Greatness

Great poets inspire; we aspire to write only the adequate, the good;

Perhaps the funny or the emotional; and we are satisfied.

Are you the poor homeless beggar that was given

A good kicking by Paul?


Different people from all walks of life

Sharing their love of the written word

Swallowing our different realities

Confined in the rhythm of Thomas

And the dirtiness of Buko...

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Stockport Art GalleryCollage PoemApril 2017

January 2017 Collage Poem - Hungover

Homeless salvation in the snow

Begging barristers of poisonous kingship


My mug of prison tea

Is the hangover drink for me


The morning after a too merry night of play

No regrets until she calls me the following day,

A sparkling jet of water streams

Into the glass


Poetry; art with words

Truthful tunes played by a Pied Piper


Happy drinks, happy times


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collage poemhungoverStockport WOL

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