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Lonnie's First Christmas Pudding

Okay,  listen up, y’all.

I spent Christmas in England,

And this is what I saw.

They got something called a Christmas Pudding

I don’t know why--it ain’t got no pudding in it at all.

It’s just a big fruity mess

Rotting in fat and alcohol.

First they take dried fruit, sugar, and peelings,

Mix it with some flour, spices, eggs, and brandy,

Add some stuff I can’t remember,


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A rain of dreams on the night landscape 

A childhood illusion that yearns to celebrate

the joy of new dawns... 


The warm gesture of friendship

Awakening from a dream that seeks

the miracle in where love is reborn

© Noris Roberts

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A Child is not just for Christmas

Prophets in disguise

Search the skies, oh so wise,

Tears, like atoms, don’t decay

Love, like photons, light the way.

A babe against a warmy chest

Dreamt of nets filled with fish

Whilst flight across sand and seas

Brought the donkey to his knees.

All mixed up in snow and ice,

Discarded plastics choke Christmas mice;

We, fat as turkeys, but leaflet thin,

Hear churche...

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If It Started This Christmas

As the year moves ever closer to it’s end,
I wish to call out to each and every friend,
to say I wish them all peace and goodwill,
with plenty to eat & even some wine to spill.

The greatest gift I could wish to see for us all,
would be peace and love forever, so that we’d recall,
it started one Christmas and was then always adored,
I believe if we share goodwill we never would be bored.


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42 Alder Road, Liverpool 12

There are homes and then there's children's homes

There are children's homes and then there are children's homes 

The one I knew was a home from home

Age four mum and her sister set one up 

With hard work, love and courage 

The biggest house my young eye's had seen

A large dappled wooden rocking horse to gallop and whoop for good

A magic garden with its own small wood


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Christmas cheer

Candy canes, mistletoe, and little flakes of snow 
Toasts to be givens, marsh mellows that float on cocoa, smiles are spread and stories are told, this time of year you should never feel alone 

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Twelfth Night

Goodbye goodwill,
Love, friendship, understanding.
It's time to put you back in the cupboard
With the rest of the decorations.

Farewell international peace
And co-operation.
We'll get you out again in time for next twenty fourth
So we can play at Christianity for twelve days
(And nights).
Why can't we practise Christmas
Goodwill all year, 1 wonder?
Oh well, goodbye.

Hello hate, war...

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