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Popping Pills

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{Popping Pills}


A bad habit of popping pills like that old tapped out addict that is looking for their next fix like a cocaine rockstar on their best high of their life 


But when they come down off of that rockstar high then reality set's in then they withdraw from friend's and their family while trying to hide their pill popping addiction 


But now they cannot do it anymore...

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I am the warm arms of a mother
That sweep you up
And carry you away from this pain.
That smother you in happiness
Absent parents couldn’t provide.
You’ll drift for a while.
Then with the flicker of a lid
You’ll slide into clouds of
Sweet perfumed dreams.

Just a child of 15.

Floating from job to job.
Hour to hour.
A withering flower
Blossomed for drought.

Let it happen.

Shut ...

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The once forgotten wind swaying without rhythm,
Is found to replace such a decrepit world in which you have been forged,
The sun creating gleams on shadows just barely sharp enough to see.

Arcs streak vibrant colours against the stars,
I witness the changing of the seasons by day,
Little does the boat rock aboard the shore.

Shattering dreams,
My very will owing to the expansive shadows,

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It's you

Your sure fire

absolute certainty of journey

route, sustenance, kit,

plans, patterns, foresight,

well thought through reports,

talks on survival skills;

led an expedition into a pit.


Your only hope is,

whilst executing your ideas,

they kept a little something back

to save themselves.


They scramble for air

in hope that there are safer paths.

You sit ...

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To The Addicts Of The World

To The Addicts Of The World

Cunning baffling and powerful are the words used to describe,
The truth of what addiction is, it will take your life with a knife.
Everything you thought you were becomes lost,
All that you cherish and love, gone at what cost?

Millions of people struggle everyday and it's truly tough,
Knowing that one is too many and a thousand never enough.
Pot, heroin, me...

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The hardest part

Have you ever tried to kill yourself by holding your breath?
No one's ever died from a lack of sleep...
(I dare you not to try it)
The hardest part of forgetting is when you remember.

Double check yourself, and down it goes.
Get ready, hold on, and jump out of the plane!
Hear the rush, gasp for breath, and let those bells ring.
Jump on that train, follow those tracks.
It's too much (but ...

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12 stepsaddictioncocainedrugsrecoverythe hardest part

I was an addict

When you met me, I was an addict, and you were too.
We were addicts together.
We used each other, because that's what addicts do.
Our foundation was made of sex, drugs, and booze. No wonder it couldn't hold us.

When we ran together I was an addict, and you were too.
Each time I saw you was exciting, glamorous, taboo.
Never underestimate the value of a good running buddy.

When you told m...

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